Terms of use


Last updated: 14.08.2022

Welcome to Peer2Profit platform! 

These Terms of Use (Terms) govern your (You, User) relations with Peer2Profit Ltd (Company, We, Us, Our) arising out of Your access to and use of this Website (see below) and Application (see below) that could be downloaded from the Website which altogether comprises the Peer2Profit platform (Platform) that enables You to share Your Internet bandwidth with Us and other Users based on a remuneration basis or use the Internet bandwidth shared by other Users on a remuneration basis.


Your use of the Platform is regulated by these Terms and their Annexes, which include:

  • Privacy and Cookies Policy (available at: https://peer2profit.io/info/privacy-policy);
  • Documentation and information are provided within the Platform.

Please carefully study these Terms and their Annexes as they contain important information and affect Your legal rights.

Should You have any questions about any provisions of these Terms or documentation and information provided within the Platform, You can always contact Our support team by sending an email to: [email protected] or using other contact information provided within the Website.

Registering Your Account (see below) within the Platform, You agree to be bound by these Terms and all of the terms and conditions incorporated herein by reference. 

Please be noted that provisions of these Terms related to the prohibition of non-authorized use of the Platform’s Content and use of Your feedback and ideas are applicable even in the absence of a registered Account within the Platform. 

If You do not agree with any of the provisions of these Terms and its Annexes, You must immediately cease using Platform and delete the Application from your device.

We constantly develop the Platform, thus sometimes We may need to amend these Terms. New terms and conditions become a part of Your agreement with Us upon publication of the amended version of the Terms within the Platform. 

If You find it unacceptable to continue Your use of the Platform on the new terms and conditions, You must immediately cease using the Platform and delete the Application from Your device.


Should any of the words used in this document begin with a capital letter, it shall be construed as provided in this section.

We, Company

Peer2Profit Ltd

You, User

any person conforming to eligibility requirements provided herein that accepted these Terms, registered an Account on the Website and installed the Application.

Recipient User

an individual or organization that signed an agreement with the Company for the use of the Internet bandwidth shared by the Users to collect publicly available internet data for their purposes (e.g. market research, advertising verification, tracking statistics of search queries, etc.).


an aggregate of the information, web forms, software, and intellectual property (including computer software, databases, graphic interface design, content, etc.) belonging to the Company that is accessible from various Users’ devices connected to the Internet through special software for viewing web pages (browser) under the domain "peer2profit.io”, including the domains of the following levels, which could be used by the Users for accessing their Accounts, interaction with the Platform and communication with the Company.


a Company’s software, including any software (source code and object code), programs, tools, libraries, APIs, data, files, Application specifications, and documentation, which could be used by the Users for sharing Internet bandwidth with the Company and other Users.


an aggregate of the Website and Application that belongs to the Company and could be utilized by the Users to share their Internet bandwidth with the Company and other Users based on a remuneration basis.


an aggregate of the intellectual property objects, as well as each intellectual property object made available for viewing within the Platform, including but not limited to any text information, images, design, photos, links, videos, audio recordings, and other intellectual property objects, the exclusive rights or rights of use which reserved by the Company.


the functionality of the Website that includes an aggregate of data on Your use of the Platform, the Internet bandwidth shared, and remuneration due.

Payment Provider

banks and non-affiliated third-party legal entities which provide payment facilitation services, with which the Company has cooperated to enable withdrawal of the remuneration from the Platform. The full list of the Payment Partners could be found within the Providers.


encrypted or digital assets that among other purposes can be used as cryptocurrencies that are based on blockchain and cryptography technologies, issued and managed in a decentralized form (e.g., USTD). Full information on the Digital Assets supported by the Platform for the withdrawal of the remuneration is provided on the Website.

Minimum Withdrawal Threshold

minimum amount of remuneration, which can be withdrawn from the Platform by the User at one time.

Maximum Withdrawal Threshold

maximum amount of remuneration, which can be withdrawn from the Platform by the User at one time.

Verification Services

third-party platforms which have contractual relationships with the Company for execution of enhanced verification of visitors that would like to get status of the User and already registered Users. Verification Services include Sumsub service that can be accessed at https://sumsub.com. 

If any terms used in this document are not defined above or in the rest of the document, such terms should be understood as they are interpreted in the Annexes, applicable laws and regulations, and only as a last resort under generally accepted practice.

    1. To be eligible to use the Platform, You shall simultaneously correspond to the following conditions during the whole period of use of the Platform:
  • Reach the age of majority in the country of Your residence;
  • Have the full legal capacity to enter into legally binding agreements, including but not limited to present Terms;
  • Reside in a country in which Your use of the Platform conforms to and is not forbidden by the local laws and regulations;
  • Be allowed to share Your Internet bandwidth according to the terms of Your agreement between You and your Internet service provider;
  • Use the Platform only for lawful purposes, that are not related to terrorism, fraudulent, scam, or any type of illegal activity; and
  • Use the Platform only for Yourself, and not on behalf of any third party, unless You have obtained prior approval from that person and the Company.
  1. The Company may require You to go through additional verification with use of the third-party Verification Services. In case the Platform elected Your Account for enhanced verification, You will be allowed to use the Platform only upon successful completion of verification.
  2. The Company reserves the right to block the Account and suspend access to the Platform for the Users who do not conform to any of the eligibility listed in the previous clauses of this chapter.
  3. In case You become aware that any of the Users does not conform to any of the above eligibility criteria You should immediately inform the Company.
    1. Before You accept the terms and conditions foreseen herein, You should carefully study the entire text of these Terms.
    2. You unconditionally and unequivocally agree to all and any of the terms and conditions foreseen by these Terms on the moment You create Your Account within the Platform.
    3. Your Account is created on the Platform by filling in the registration form on the Website or logging in to the Platform system with Your account from other third-party services, e.g., Google account. 
    4. In case You at any point do not agree with any provisions of these Terms, You shall log out from Your Account and delete the Application from Your device.
    1. Accepting these Terms, You confirm and warrant to the Company the following:
  • Your conformance to the Platform eligibility criteria set forth above;
  • You have provided true and up-to-date information to the Company about Yourself and will keep Company informed of any changes to Your information;
  • Your sole ownership of the device on which the Application is installed;
  • You understand and accept all risks related to the sharing of Your Internet bandwidth with other Users;
  • In case You will use the Internet bandwidth shared by other Users, You will use it only for legitimate purposes;
  • Your understanding that shared Internet bandwidth might be used by the Recipient Users for various purposes;
  • You have reached out to advisors, counselors, and(or) Us, as well as take any other actions required to clear all uncertainties regarding the meaning of the conditions foreseen by these Terms and its Annexes;
  • You understand the nature of the services that may be provided by the Company according to these Terms;
  • You will not be furthering, performing, undertaking, or engaging in any unlawful activity through Your relationship with Us or Your use of the Platform;
  • Your use of the Platform will comply with these Terms and its Annexes, laws, and regulations of the country of Your citizenship and residence, the country where Our Company is registered, as well as any other jurisdiction applicable to Our relationships under these Terms.
  1. The Company reserves the right to block the Account and suspend access to the Platform for the Users who breach any of the warranties mentioned in the previous clause.
  2. In case You become aware of any User who breaches any of the above warranties You should immediately inform the Company.
    1. The Company provides Users with access to the Platform functionalities enabling them to share their Internet bandwidth with the Company and Recipient Users or to use such Internet bandwidth shared by other Users based on a remuneration basis in the manner and on the terms stipulated by these Terms and its Annexes.
    2. The Company does not operate and maintain any payment services platforms (websites), any such platforms (websites) referred to on the Platform are operated by the Payment Providers. Your use of such platforms (websites) is not subject to these Terms and is regulated by the separate agreements executed between You and Payment Providers. The Company accepts no responsibility for, or liability to You, in connection with Your use of the services of the Payment Providers and makes no representations or warranties regarding the operation of the platforms (websites) of such Payment Providers. In case You discover an issue related to Your use of the platforms (websites) of the Payment Providers referred on the Platform, You should directly contact such Payment Providers.
    3. Any references and links to the payment services platforms (websites) operated by the Payment Providers are provided on the Platform only for Your convenience and do not constitute any recommendation, representation, or guarantee of the Company concerning the safety, quality, and other relevant characteristics of such platforms (websites) and information and(or) services provided on(through) such platforms (websites). You bear sole responsibility to do Your research to understand whether You would like to use such platforms (websites). 
    1. Users do not have access to the Recipient User’s information, including their device and fact of connection, while Recipient Users do not have access to the information of the User, whose bandwidth he/she/it utilizes.
    2. The Recipient User can request Internet bandwidth from a particular country or region. The Company analyzes these requests with the amount of shared bandwidth and the available functions of the Platform and can at its discretion accept or reject the request of the Recipient User.
    3. There is different demand for Internet bandwidth, thus not all Users will be able to share the same amount of it. If there is excessive Internet bandwidth coming from a specific location, the Platform may limit the amount of shared bandwidth to avoid data server overload. To ensure the high speed and quality of the connection, the Platform limits the number of connections to the same IP address. This allows the Users to have a stable connection and increase their remuneration. The number of connections may vary based on network and market conditions. The information about the limitations and their possible changes can be found on the Platform.
    4. Accepting these Terms, the User agrees that Internet bandwidth might be used by Recipient Users for various purposes, including for the review of the implemented Internet advertisement strategies to make sure that the ads are placed correctly, as well as for other strategies of data gathering. Therefore, the User may be asked to solve captchas, enter a code word, or an answer to a question when visiting a particular webpage. 
    5. If the User has a streaming platform account, and our Recipient User gets access to the same platform, it's unlikely that the User will have a problem using this platform.
    1. Users receive from the Company remuneration through the use of the Platform for (i) sharing their Internet bandwidth with the Company and Recipient Users and (ii) bringing new Users to the Platform’s network within the referral program described in the separate chapter of these Terms. 
    2. Users’ remuneration for sharing their Internet bandwidth is calculated according to the amount of the Internet bandwidth shared and the rate foreseen on the Website.
    3. Users’ Accounts provide information on accumulated remuneration for both sharing of Internet bandwidth and bringing new Users to the Platform’s network which Users can withdraw using the Website's functionality.
    4. The Company has no liability to pay the User remuneration in the following cases:
  • if nor Company, nor Recipient Users used the Internet bandwidth even though Users enabled its sharing via the Platform (Users can find information on the volume of the Internet bandwidth shared in their Accounts);
  • if the amount of the remuneration due is below the Minimum Withdrawal Threshold foreseen for the Payment Provider elected by the User (Users can find information on the Minimum Withdrawal Threshold in their Accounts);
  • if the part of the remuneration due which is exceeding the Maximum Withdrawal Threshold (Users can find information on the Maximum Withdrawal Threshold in their Accounts).
  1. The amount of the Users’ remuneration is presented within Users accounts in US dollars and includes all taxes due by the Users in his/her/its country of residence if any. The User bears sole responsibility for the payment of the relevant taxes on the income received through the use of the Platform.
  2. The User can elect to receive the remuneration in fiat money, electronic money, and Cryptocurrency through the use of the relevant functionality of the Website.
  3. Where User does not receive the funds/assets to his/her/its bank account, electronic wallet, or Cryptocurrency wallet User shall communicate directly with the Payment Provider which User elected to use for the withdrawal of remuneration.
  4. Where after the receipt of the remuneration by the User the information within his/her/its Account on the amount of the remuneration due is not updated, the User should immediately contact the Company. Where the User deliberately does not inform the Сompany of this problem with the Platform and utilizes it for unjust enrichment, the Company has all rights to suspend the Account of such User and use any other means, including legal action to reimburse losses caused by the User.
  5. The User should remember that withdrawal of the remuneration is executed through the use of the services of the Payment Providers which can charge the User additional fees for the use of the Platform. The Company bears no responsibility for the charges implemented by the Payment Providers if any.
  6. In case the User chooses to withdraw the remuneration in Cryptocurrency the amount of the Cryptocurrency is calculated based on the exchange rate 
  7. The Company has no ability to reverse any transactions in case the User elected option of withdrawal of the remuneration in a certain type of Cryptocurrency as it does not control the public blockchains that Users are interacting with and certain smart contracts and protocols that may be integral to Users’ ability to receive the remuneration. Users bear full responsibility to do previous research for each type of Cryptocurrencies before electing it as a remuneration for the sharing Internet bandwidth. The Company accepts no responsibility for, or liability to the Users, for their losses resulting from an inability to reverse the transaction related to the use of the Platform.
    1. Users are prohibited to use the Platform in any of the following ways:
  • To use or attempt to use another User's Account without authorization;
  • To distribute, sell, translate, modify, reverse engineer or reverse compile or decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on the Platform and(or) Content;
  • To attempt and obtain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks to which the Platform is connected outside of the scope foreseen by these Terms;
  • To increase the amount of shared Internet bandwidth dishonestly or to connect more devices to the Platform than allowed on our Website;
  • To interfere and take actions that will result in interference or disruption of the Platform, the servers that host the Website;
  • To use any framing technology by using the content of the Website, including any information and materials published on the Website;
  • To use any meta tags, pay-per-click advertising model, any “hidden text”, deep links referring to the Website;
  • To bypass any encryption or other means of security used on the Platform;
  • To use “data mining”, “scraping” or similar tools to collect or extract data from the Platform and any devices connected to the Platform;
  • To sell, lease, transfer, distribute, use as a service or otherwise transfer to any third parties access to the Platform;
  • To use the Platform and Internet bandwidth shared by the Users for any illegal activities;
  • To make any changes in the source code of the Platform and its components;
  • To perform other actions that may adversely affect the correct operation of the Platform, as well as the reputation and good name of the Company and its managers, employees, and representatives, as well as the Company's affiliates and their managers, employees, and representatives;
  • To upload, install, and send via e-mail and messengers any malware with viruses, computer code, files, or programs to interfere or limit the operation of any applications, hardware, or telecommunications equipment;
  • To perform other actions to the Platform that violate applicable law, as well as international laws on copyright and use of software tools.
    1. All rights to the Platform, Website, and Application and their Content are reserved by the Company and(or) other right holders, all the rights to these objects are protected.
    2. The User hereby agrees and fully acknowledges that all exclusive rights and(or) necessary licenses for the software constituting elements of the Website and its content and(or) used for their administration and functioning, including audiovisual works, graphic design, photos, animations, video images, video clips, sound recordings, sound effects, music, text content, are reserved by the Company or any other right holders.
    3. The User confirms that he/she/it is aware that he/she/it is provided access to the Platform for his/her/its own personal use only. Using the Platform for commercial purposes without the Company's consent is unacceptable. The User is granted a limited, revocable license, without the right to sublicense, access, and use the Platform. It also regulates the User's right to install the Application to their devices to monetize shared Internet bandwidth. This license does not entitle the User to upload or publish the Application or part of it on any websites or networks, or to post it in third-party databases.
    4. These Terms do not entail the transfer of any rights or granting of exclusive licenses for any components of the Platform, its Content from the Company and(or) its affiliates and(or) their counterparties to the User.
    1. You hereby provide to the Company the right to use the feedback and ideas concerning the Platform and its content that the Company receives from You on a free of charge basis. The Company has no obligation to pay You any remuneration for the use of Your ideas and feedback concerning the Platform.
    1. Users may receive the remuneration for the recommendation of the Platform to third parties by inviting them to the Platform through the referral link. 
    2. The User receives the status of referrer where the new User provided the referral link during the registration of the Account on the Website, the new user in this case will have the status of the referee.
    3. The specific terms on the payment of the remuneration to the User with the status of referrer are provided on the Website.
    4. The remuneration of the User as the referrer is accumulated with remuneration for sharing Internet bandwidth and withdrawn according to the general terms of remuneration withdrawal foreseen above.
    1. User understands and agrees that under these Terms, the Platform is provided on an "AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis and the Company expressly disclaims warranties or conditions of any kind, either express or implied, including the integrability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose or purpose of the Platform for the Users except where otherwise explicitly provided on the Website. 
    2. The Company does not guarantee that the Platform is error-free, will meet the User's requirements, or that the Platform will function properly if used in conjunction with any other software or hardware. The Company does not and cannot guarantee the results that the User may obtain through the use of the Platform. All risks associated with the quality and performance of the Platform shall be borne by the User.
    3. To the fullest extent possible under applicable law, the User agrees that the Company, its affiliates, agents, and their officers, directors, and employees shall not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage, including consequential or special damages, lost profits or otherwise, arising from the use of the Platform.
    4. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the User hereby waives any claims arising on contractual, tort, or other grounds. The User understands and agrees that the Company enters into these Terms according to all limitations of liability contained in these Terms, which determine the distribution of relevant risks between the parties.
    5. The User acknowledges that during the use of the Platform he/she/it sends information to the Company via unsecured electronic communication channels of the public computer network, and the Company is not responsible for the safety of the information transmitted via such electronic communication channels of the public network.
    6. The Company does not bear any liability to the User for losses, forced interruptions in business activities, loss of user and other data, expenses (real, indirect, mediated), incidental damages, lost profits, lost income caused by and/or related to the User's use of the Platform.
    7. The Company does not bear any responsibility to the User for losses caused by possible errors on the Platform. At the same time, the Company undertakes to take reasonable measures to prevent and correct such errors.
    8. The User bears full responsibility for the installation and use of the Application and the provision of resources to third parties.
    9. The Company assumes no responsibility for the shared bandwidth costs, fees, or charges the User might experience according to their Internet service provider's agreement. Also, the Company assumes no responsibility for the Internet service provider's costs for the provision of data and resources of the device to third parties. The Platform takes no responsibility for losses incurred by the User as a result of their Internet service provider's restrictions on the use of specific software products, or if the use of the Platform contradicts the Internet service provider’s agreement.
    10. The Company disclaims any warranties regarding the information on the Website and blog. The Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the content within the Website and blog. All content within the Company’s blog serves informational purposes only. The Platform takes no responsibility for any consequences (material or physical damage, injury, etc.) of publishing or using the content within the Website or blog.
    11. The Website may contain links to web pages of third parties. We don't express or imply warranties about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or availability of their content. The Company takes no responsibility for the content of third parties within the Website. The User bears all risks related to the use of information/services provided on/through these websites following these links.
    12. If the User has questions about Internet bandwidth sharing, taxes for the remuneration received through the use of the Platform, technology, or other matters, they must contact a qualified specialist or professional consultant. References to third-party products, services, or procedures by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, etc., do not imply endorsement sponsorship, recommendation, or affiliation with the Platform.
    1. In case of any claims and disputes between the Users and the Company, the User acts in his/her/its capacity following the applicable legislation. The User cannot initiate claims as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative action. Without the mutual consent between the User and Company, arbitrators or judges may not consolidate more than one person’s claim or otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding.
    1. The laws and other legal acts of England and Wales shall apply to these Terms, their form, and interpretation. Unless any alternative dispute resolution procedure is agreed upon between the Company and the User, all disputes arising out of these Terms shall be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales regarding.
    1. All rules and conditions of transfer, storage, protection, and use of personal data of Users are outlined in the Privacy and Cookies Policy available through the link provided above and on the Website.
    2. All external websites operated by the third parties links to which are provided within the Platform are not the subject of the above-mentioned Privacy and Cookies Policy and are regulated by separate privacy policies or similar documents, which are published on such websites. The Company is not responsible for the storage, protection, use, and transfer of the Users' data which they provide to third parties within their websites and applications.
    3. If you log in to the Platform system with your Google account, the Platform will obtain information from the Google account. It's up to You to check what Your privacy settings on Your Google account allow You to share.
    1. The Company hereby reserves the right to amend these Terms by publishing its updated version on the Website with a new date of the last update on the first page of the document.
    2. The User acknowledges that her/his/its continued use of the Platform after the Company has published an updated version of the Terms on the Website shall be recognized as her/his/its unconditional and unequivocal consent to all of the provisions of the updated Agreement (acceptance of the Terms amendments).
    3. The User hereby undertakes regularly to check the Terms for amendments and to familiarize him/herself/itself with the amended text of the Terms.
    4. The Company is not obliged to notify the User about amendments to the Terms.

For any questions regarding the use of the Website and the execution, performance, and termination of these Terms, You may contact Us via email [email protected], as well as through messengers and other contact means provided on the Website.