World Dream Day and “income from nothing”


On the occasion of World Dream Day, which is celebrated on September 25, let's discuss the holiday and our dreams. Among the cherished desires of many people is "profit from nothing" — ways to earn passive income. 2022 can offer several types of passive income streams. Below we briefly review these possibilities.

How did the World Dream Day appear?

Dreams and desires inspire a person to achieve, give strength and a positive attitude for the future. The importance of the existence of a dream in humans decided to emphasize the teacher at Columbia University in the United States, Ozioma Egwuonwu. On his initiative, on September 25, 2012, World Dream Day was celebrated for the first time.

How to celebrate Dream Day 

Arrange a meeting with family or friends to discuss your wildest dreams and desires. It's not just about "losing weight by summer" or "being the boss." Choose more general and broad dreams. “Stop all wars”, “master Mars”, “to find ways to earn passive income”. 2022, perhaps, will be the year from which any bright dream begins to come true. Such a discussion will not only be a pleasant leisure, but will also help you better understand your loved ones. Through mutual assistance will open the way to the realization of your cherished desires.

You can find time to fulfill your desires when you have one of the types of passive income streams that replaces the need to work. And in the modern world, this is no longer a dream, but a tool to improve the quality of life.

What is passive income?

Passive income is a type of income in which you regularly receive financial profit without having to work daily for this:

It depends on the source of passive income, whether you have to do something to get it, whether you need to participate in maintaining the source, whether you can influence the amount of profit.

You do not have to do anything for some ways to earn passive income. For example, 2022 brought many teens in the UAE an eighteenth birthday gift of $100,000 or more in revenue from government-paid oil rents. The size of the annuity is determined by the authorities, and the recipients cannot somehow increase it on their own.

In other cases, you will still need upfront or periodic efforts. Say, if you want to make money selling bandwidth through our platform, you first need to have an internet connection and at least one eligible device. But with us, you will have several options to increase profits above the average level of a new user. For example, our affiliate program.

How to make money selling bandwidth with Peer2Profit

Our platform serves as an intermediary between users and bandwidth buyers, who are our corporate clients in the form of companies and business communities. We help you sell the bandwidth you don't need or, in other words, the speed of your network connection.

We are the best because we have aspects that we find useful for our users::

  • our application for selling bandwidth is adapted for various operating systems and devices (Windows, Linux, Android, Mac-OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h modem);
  • a transparent system of control over how much each sold gigabyte brings;
  • application of the KYC policy (“know your customer”) when choosing bandwidth buyers to guarantee your safety;
  • the ability to connect proxy servers to increase profits;
  • affiliate program, with participation in which you receive a stable passive income from each user you refer;
  • on the platform website, we regularly publish articles with tips how to make money selling bandwidth more efficiently;
  • our support team is always ready to answer questions related to the operation of the platform and help users with difficulties in the operation of the application.

May your dreams come true! If you are dreaming of ways to earn passive income, 2022 is the time when there is Peer2Profit for this dream!