With Peer2Profit, you control what you give


As a platform that helps people to make money, we can understand their doubts. With so much fraud, scam and spam on the Internet, it’s only fair to be suspicious and supercautious in terms of earning online. Especially when it comes to new methods of money-making, or when a person is unfamiliar with how to make passive income. For a student or elderly men this could become a bigger question. Peer2Profit is here to answer this question today.

With us, you get a risk-free, no-investment system of earning. We offer a platform to anyone who is interested in additional profit, so it makes no difference how old you are, what you are or where you live. We can help you make extra dollars as long as you are looking for how to make passive income. For a student from the USA, a school kid from Australia, a housewife from Norway Peer2Profit has become a good additional income source.

Now back to the safety question

Our system is based on selling the Internet bandwidth in exchange for money. It’s simple: you share your idle connection through our app, and get paid. Selling is always a catch, you might think. Not with us. With Peer2Profit you sell too, except for risks.

1.  You need no investments;

2.  You get a security guarantee;

3.  You are paid the exact same amount you earn.

And more, over time your earnings grow. It is our app that does all the work while you are on with your everyday business: studying, working, hanging out, training, shopping, eating, and sleeping.

Give the app a test for 2–3 months to get amazed how pocket money turns into $50–70, and into a hundred, and then more while you don’t even stir a finger!

Controlling what you give and earn

As we have said, our users are in control of what time and how much they share. It means they decide when and where to turn on the app. With an unlimited data plan you can choose to keep the app running 24/7; with a limited plan make sure you don’t go overboard. We never steal your connection, nor do we incur charges if you don’t use the app for long.

It’s the same with browsing history and personal files. Peer2Profit only rents out your idle gigabytes when you let it; all the rest remains your privacy, such as photos, documents, media on a PC and phone. Also, by checking process logs and data use, thousands of our users have verified that the app isn’t using hardware. This means no data leakage, no browsing history registration. This is what differs our app from crypto miners, which need system resources to run. On top of that, you are free to sign out and cancel using our service altogether.

For a student, who moves houses or locations we offer probably the most convenient and easy option on how to make passive income. College and university students are afraid that if they change addresses they won’t be able to use our app anymore. Rest assured, no matter where you live or move, either in Greenland or New Zealand, you can continue utilizing Peer2Profit as long as you have a high speed Internet and a couple of devices. Your account stays safe; the earnings in your account remain untouched.