Why Peer2Profit is good for passive income


First and foremost, passive income is a way of earning money which does not require a person’s efforts. Once set up and running, it keeps money coming in. A person doesn’t have to do anything while cash flows in. Can one make a passive income by just selling extra bandwidth? The answer is yes. Using Peer2Profit can provide a user with few dollars per month in the beginning and a few hundred $$ later on.

Compared to other money-making tools online, our platform provides genuinely passive income. Other than what you already pay for your Internet and mobile data, we do not cost you a single cent! 

Ok, what do I do to start?

And here’s how you can set up and run our app:

  • If you’re already on our web-site (peer2profit.com), read the info on the main page.

  • See the Sign up button in the right-hand upper corner, and click it.

  • Fill in your personal details. By this, you register in our system and get access to your Personal account.

  • Click [Download the App] and install it.

  • Once it’s done, enter your username and password, and click login.

You are ready to start. Sell extra bandwidth and earn a fair share from it!

In the short run you’re going to learn how to use the tool. Give it a month or two to get used to, see the first cash to come in, withdraw it. If you are happy with just 10 dollars per month, keep on with the same routine. If you want more, you can begin to grow your network through the referral link. The more people join in the system via it, the more you earn. We pay you for each new user!

How does Peer2Profit pay me?

Obviously, we compensate our users. We pay you according to the rates and prices:

  • Business $0.3 per 1Gb,

  • Cellular $1 per 1Gb,

  • Hosting $0.3 per 1Gb,

  • Residential $0.8 per 1Gb,

  • Other $0.3 per 1Gb.

Users sell gigabytes of extra bandwidth – we pay for it in dollars. The longer you run the app, the more devices you use, the more profitable the system! To add, if you include more and more devices (PC, laptop, smartphone) and refer your friends, you can expect a better passive income. What if we say that our long-term and active users earn up to $1000 a month? What if we say you can too?

Our platform supports multiple payment options, such as Webmoney, Visa, Bitcoins, YooMoney, MasterCard, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet.

Overall, Peer2Profit is a nice money-making app for those who plan to sell their extra bandwidth and profit from it. With absolutely no hard work on your part, you earn passive money by just keeping the app on on your MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Android!