Why businesses and users choose Peer2Profit


Our system is all about passive income, and it is passive income that gives you absolute freedom. Cash for nothing, so to speak. Money comes to your wallet while you do other things: go shopping, hang out with friends, train at the gym, sleep… All you need to do is set up the app for making money with high speed Internet.

And since Peer2Profit is a link between two parties (businesses and users), we will explain why both of them profit from us.

Why businesses choose us

The Internet bandwidth, which users share from their devices, is used:

  • for market research, it aids in the creation of better products and services. 
  • by global companies who need to check for competitors and fakes daily.
  • by SEO agencies whose goal is to rank higher within search engines and reach their audience. 

The list continues. 

We know that businesses are going to get Internet traffic anyway. Most of these ways are far from official and legal, so we created a network where they can buy and use traffic fairly. They get it because users are willing to share it together with their IP-address.

Our network is very appreciated by our business clients, which, if you wonder, we vet carefully. We work only with trusted partners who agreed to our Terms of use. Thus, we can guarantee our users security when it comes to traffic-sharing.

Also, we’re committed to responsibility. It means that we do our best to be useful for both sides of the agreement and make it a win-win situation. Since businesses are positively impacting their bottom lines with our help, it is only fair to value our users too. We offer them to make money as a reward for sharing their high speed Internet and therefore helping businesses in their online tasks.

Why users choose us

With high speed Internet users make money, and that is all they need to get paid. Isn’t it a perfect passive income option? That’s what one calls cash for nothing. In all honesty, we try to be a trustworthy and responsible service for each and every user involved. 

Reasons why people worldwide pick Peer2Profit to gain money with: 

  • our users do little to nothing to earn cash. 
  • they focus on other aspects of life while our app does all the work.
  • they are ensured with privacy and security so they don’t worry about personal information leakage.

Again, we always keep you and your referrals anonymous, as well as check each business partner before they can get access to the Peer2Profit’s network. If you’re still in doubt whether to join in, please check our FAQ for more info. You can always address our support team with questions or issues!