Why and who buys unused bandwidth


Why and who buys unused bandwidth

Peer2Profit is an application that rents a user's Internet connection while it is idle. Making money by selling unused bandwidth can become a profitable business. And with proper practice, as you learn how to profit from affiliates, you can sell Internet bandwidth for bigger money and make a good passive income. Give it a try, because you have nothing to lose!

Before you start selling unused bandwidth, let's figure out who and why buy it. An idle Internet connection is used to collect information from the Web and conduct market research. Many companies use the collected data for their marketing purposes:

-compare prices,

-plan SEO strategies,

-protect own brand.

As users willingly provide their bandwidth, companies gain access to a huge database to collect information of all kinds around the world without blocking. In this way, Peer2Profit acts as an agent between users and organizations. Through our app, people make money from companies that need their data.

  • Selling unused bandwidth is safe: the app does not have access to personal files and folders on devices.
  • The app does not spy, track history or online behavior.

How to monetize internet traffic and sell Internet bandwidth?

The principle of how to sell Internet bandwidth is simple: you download our app to your device, launch it and wait for the first cash in your Personal Account. You share spare connection – we pay for it. For more income over time, you will definitely want to join the affiliate program. Expanding your network, attracting more people to use the app, you will understand how to profit from them to the max!

Peer2Profit has a transparent workflow. It is a convenient, easy-to-navigate platform and a win-win scenario for both parties: companies manage their online tasks, and the user earns their fare share.

The app is available for MacOS, Linux or Windows and Android devices.