Where can I get paid for my bandwidth


Where can I get paid for my bandwidth

The Internet today gives you quite a few options on how you can get paid for your bandwidth. Websites offer software, applications, add-ons, plugins or even browsers using which you can sell bandwidth for money. The question is are they profitable, secure and easy to use?

You can try some or all of them, compare and pick a few to use, if they don’t conflict. If they do, though, choose one best suiting you. By what users say, the best option is to begin with many, try them, and end up with one with the best terms of use.

  • For example, there are programs which are pretty good, but you get paid for your bandwidth in crypto. For many people this is not suitable as they would rather sell bandwidth for dollars. If you want to try them, go ahead but first you'd better gain some basic crypto knowledge.
  • Many systems work only on their internal currency or tokens, which is difficult for users to understand. People are more willing to work with familiar methods.
  • You’ll find the apps with minimum earnings as they only work when buyers connect with your Internet. It means even if you run the app for a whole day, you will hardly get any profit.
  • Some systems are only available for PC, others – for Android.
  • A few apps have a doubtful security level, offering vague explanation of users’ privacy.
  • Some websites require a long verification process, where between signing up and earning money you’ll have to wait for days! And people don’t like to waste time and wait these days.

Peer2profit: full transparency and an open community

You will come across dozens of websites lacking clear and understandable terms of use. Only few systems in fact pick their clients wisely, asking them for verification codes or document scans or selfies to verify the account. They monitor their clients' activities. If anything suspicious is detected, then buyers will be suspended until they explain their actions. This is a good policy to prevent fraud and provides the sellers with a good security.

240+ reviews on Trustpilot is enough for users to make up their mind about the Peer2profit app. It may not be the best money-making system as of yet because it is still growing, but it has been designed specially for people. It’s made global, it is bilingual, and it offers all kinds of platforms and payment methods.

As for security and confidentiality, Peer2profit offers data encryption to hide personal information from unauthorized persons and provide, at the same time, authorized users access to it. In their Personal Account the users have access to the transparent statistics of their referrals. 

Monetizing your Internet

The process of monetizing the Internet connection is really troublesome on some websites. You’ll see how it takes days between earning and withdrawing, or between signing up and having the first dollar. To get paid for your bandwidth, pick the tool with minimum lags or delays. You want to make quick money, right?

Also, you want to find a simple mode to make additional cash while you rest. The simpler the system and the lighter the website, the faster you earn! Choose the app that can easily increase your income while you’re having fun. With Peer2profit you begin with a few dollars per month, and turn them into a nice passive income later on. With the affiliate program you can reach $1,000 per month. The more active you are, the bigger the sum on your balance!

So here is the plan:

1. You share extra bandwidth with those who really need it.

2. You get paid for a gigabyte.

3. You extend your referral network and generate larger profit as you sell and they pay you for your bandwidth.

Many have already joined the service. What’s stopping you then? You join today, you check how it works, you risk nothing. With Peer2profit thousands of users take full advantage of their Internet – so can you!