What is Airdrop and how to make extra passive money on it?


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But there are other ways to make money with high speed Internet. Today we will tell you about Cryptocurrency Airdrops.

What is Airdrop?

Cryptocurrency Airdrop has nothing in common with brave paratroopers or the popular iPhone feature of transferring media via Bluetooth, except the title. Airdrop is a marketing ploy to promote a new-issued digital coin. The founders seek to draw attention to the fruits of their labor by distributing cryptocurrency for free. Then the cryptocurrency starts circulating and gets on the market right after the official launch. It is like making money by sharing your Internet, except that you have no idea if the coin will be valuable in the future and become a legit online side hustle.

Airdrops should be distinguished from Initial coin offerings (ICOs). Company opens a whitelist in Brazil, Germany or China and sells the launched crypto during ICO worldwide, even if discounts are intended to be offered. Airdrop means to be totally free.

The airdrop types

We know many ways to make money with high speed Internet, and are aware of airdrop types. Here they are:

  1. Loyalty airdrop. The new tokens and coins accrue to the current project users. E.g. you can get a bonus for owning any game NFT’s or performing a required number of transactions within the exchange application/platform.
  2. Holder airdrop. You become an owner of a new crypto in case you already have some coins in your wallet. E.g. in 2017, the Binance exchange users became the owners of newly issued Binance coins (BNB).
  3. Exclusive airdrop. Only selected representatives can count on topping up their accounts. These are the members of the developer’s team, crowdfunding community, bloggers, active cryptocurrency enthusiasts or users located in Saudi Arabia, Belgium or other particular geolocation.
  4. Hard fork airdrop. The coin holders are paid additional money in a new currency during the blockchain split. A vivid example of such an airdrop is the Bitcoin hard fork in 2017.
  5. Blockchain airdrop. Ethereum offers ETH coins for using its smart contract technology.
  6. Bounty. These airdrops stand apart from others, because they can’t be regarded as a passive legit online side hustle. You receive cryptocurrency for performing tasks.

What is special about bounties?

Bounties’ main principle is as old as the hills, do the job and get the payment. The task’s type may vary. You may be asked to:

  • make a repost on Twitter
  • invite some subscribers
  • join the Discord chat, Facebook or Telegram group
  • create a Tik Tok video
  • design a picture
  • write a review
  • find a blockchain exploit, etc.

According to the mission’s difficulty the amount of promised tokens varies. The same direct correlation applies for those who sell unused bandwidth. The longer Peer2Profit app stays online, the more Wi-Fi money device’s owner gets. The most special subtype is called Bug bounty. It is easy to guess that it is the most generously paid, but also roughly to execute bounty task.

List of airdrop advantages

The pros for airdrops are:

  1. Little time needed to make money with high speed Internet.
  2. The apparent simplicity of joining.
  3. Abundance of information on current airdrops on the Web.
  4. No special hardware or equipment needed to obtain tokens.
  5. Sure way to obtain seed cryptocurrency capital.

List of airdrop disadvantages

Despite making money sharing your Internet, the participation in airdrops has a significant list of items:

1. Unstable income. 

No one guarantees the new token is not worthless. The most should be obtained with the long-term perspective in mind, while the number of altcoins disappeared since 2017 has exceeded two thousands titles.

2. Privacy issues. 

Despite you providing a little personal data to airdrop releasers, there is no guarantee such information as e-mail or login will not fall into the wrong hands.

3. Fraud possibility.

The more serious problem is the number of nefarious actors, who can use your lack of experience in bona fide goals. Be aware and do not:

  • download any software from untrusted source
  • provide crypto keys, passwords and social media login info
  • pay suspicious commissions
  • exaggerate the large sums of tokens for simple jobs. 

Check our blog to get more info on how to make money sharing your Internet without threats to get scammed. 

4. Activity needed. Bounty airdrops ask for a certain effort to be paid for a remuneration.

5. Demand for start-up funds. Holder airdrops require some cryptocurrency in the wallet to participate in an airdrop.

6. Special skills and knowledge requirements. You will become a useless cin holder at best. Otherwise, one will not be able to perform a bounty airdrop objective without understanding of network architecture, Python and JavaScript, etc.

What is the most appropriate passive income way?

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