Peer2Profit respects your data and privacy


Peer2Profit respects your data and privacy

The world is going digital, so why not take advantage of it and make money from the possible sources? You sell unused bandwidth – you get paid for it. As easy as that! And yet, we understand your concern about confidentiality, security and safety when it comes to surfing the Net. 

Any online activity, be it browsing or selling unused bandwidth, is about privacy. Websites, add-ons and applications care a lot about their users’ privacy and data security. These are the keys of respect and trust among people. If a company worries for its reputation, it has to provide its clients with confidence. Visiting a webpage, running an app, downloading a file – a user has to be sure their actions are safe and do not provoke data leakage.

Crystal clear agreement

Peer2Profit offers transparent and easy-to-understand Terms of use and Privacy policy. Not only do we explain how to use our app and how to profit from it, but we also empower our users by providing them with 100% control on when and how it works.

Verified companies only

We only work with the companies, agencies and individuals who comply with our agreement. Every business is treated individually, as we check and monitor its activities throughout the entire partnership. Doing this, we can ensure our clients cannot harm the network in any way, and to thousands of our users it means that they are able to sell unused bandwidth with utmost safety.

We don’t collect your data

Peer2Profit uses your Internet connection only. We do not gather your device’s data, nor do we need your browsing history. So your personal info stays untouched. To respect our users’ privacy, we’ve designed the system in a way that is clear and understandable. And the process of signing up requires as few personal details as possible. You sign up in 3 simple steps. The same three steps separate you from good earnings as you sell your unused bandwidth.

Each step with your consent

You know the stories when companies do illegal things behind their clients’ backs, right? They do this and that while a person does not even know what’s happening when they are not looking! Our app starts running the moment you let it. Also, you can always stop using the app if you decide to quit the program. Few people do, though. If you have any security issues or suspect fraud, feel free to contact our support team and ask questions.

Our policy about user privacy 

  1. We firmly believe any innovation can and must be presented in a way everyone understands. 

  2. Out of massive respect for our users’ privacy, we shaped our business model in a way that everyone can see its advantages.

  3. We do our best to make sure everyone knows exactly how Peer2Profit works and what role in building the digital products of the 21st century every user plays by participating in the network.

All in all, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are globally – Peer2Profit offers the same earning system and opportunities to everyone, whether you are from Detroit, Sydney, Liverpool or Rome!