Ways of making pocket money. Clicking ads or sharing bandwidth — which is better?


Bet you’ve come here to read about ways of making easy money. Even if not, you won’t mind having a nice passive income, will you? Earning free money is a dream of many people, if not all of us. So we are here to shed some light on the two most popular ways — clicking ads and sharing Internet. 

  • Most people make money through full-time jobs; 

  • A part of population engages in side income options;

  • Less people rely on freelance;

  • Few ones find a good passive income and stick to it.

In fact, only the 4th category generates easy money, since the three others imply additional hard work. Now imagine a person who, after a full-time shift, is up for another round. After 8-10 hours of work here they are in front of another 6-hour’ shift. Be it freelance or side income, people spend all their time earning.

In this blog, we will discuss and compare two options for making extra cash on the side. Both require no financial investment or professional training, both promise easy money. All a user has to do is sign up, download an application or visit a website, run it on their PC or mobile device with a high speed internet connection on. The first method of how you can make money is ad-clicking, the second option is sharing your Internet.


Clicking ads on PTC websites brings a small financial reward every time you click on the advertisers’ ads. 

How does ad-clicking work?

A person visits a paid-to-click website (there are many of them!), signs up and starts clicking ads. Some companies believe that the more people click on their advertisements, the faster they will get to their goals. So they pay users for clicking on their target ads.  

Ad-clicking advantages and disadvantages

+ Pros of this business are obvious: the more you click, the more you earn. You won’t gain a hundred dollars per click as often they offer you $0.01–0.02 per click. Some sites are more generous offering $0.05–$0.10 per click. 

+ Most of PTC platforms offer flexible payment methods, like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payza, and Paytoo.  

+ Clicking ads can bring pocket money — yes, no doubt.


– Before you begin, you need to make sure the site is reliable. Not many PTC platforms ensure users’ privacy. 

– Few of PTC resources offer reasonable rates and realistic payout thresholds. Before you generate your first 20 dollars, it may take you months of clicking! Consider wisely if this method justifies your effort.

– Clicking is far from the hardest job in the world, yet it is time-consuming and boring. People who gave it a go admit that it was fun in the beginning but later on, after seeing thousands of ads a day, there’s nothing new. Images turn into a smudge, as they put it.

– Lastly, remember that websites collect your cookie information, so by clicking on ads your browser often personalizes the ads you see day to day. Even if the ads you click on are not relevant to you, your browser might start flooding you with all the unnecessary market offers.

Internet sharing

Peer2Profit comes to you with a different option of passive income. With us, you can make money sharing your Internet. 

How does our system work?

Peer2Profit is a pioneering traffic monetization tool. We’ve created a network used by companies and SEO agencies, and act as an agent between these companies and users worldwide. People earn their fair share for monetizing Internet connection while businesses gain access to the needed information online. In fact, as a user you are get paid for letting companies:

  • Protect their brand name,

  • Verify advertisements places on various websites,

  • Compare prices, 

  • Plan search engine optimization,

and perform other vital data-driven business processes without censorship or blocking.

Internet sharing pros and cons

+ Earning with Peer2Profit’s app is effortless. You download the application, you leave it running, and it generates income for you.

+ With us, users are paid better (Business $0.3 per 1Gb, Cellular $1 per 1Gb, Hosting $0.3 per 1Gb), and can always earn more and more as they add other devices and ISPs.

+ We offer a good referral program which helps broaden your network. As a referee you get paid for each new referral. With a massive network of referrals you can gain as much as $1,000 per month!

+ We don’t need your browsing history or online activity, and guarantee privacy when it comes to personal data on PCs and smartphones.


– You are not going to earn hundreds of dollars in a week. Take your time, spend 2-3 months learning how to use the tool and make money sharing your Internet. You start with a dozen dollars and grow bigger, with time.

– Your earning potential depends on your connection speed so make sure you are connected to a high speed Internet.

– The amount of money you generate depends on the demand of traffic in your country or region. 

And still, thousands of our users agree that Peer2Profit is generous enough. They can always cover monthly Wi-Fi and mobile data plan. Most of our consistent users have overcome the mark of pocket money and came to bigger sums in only a year. Being active and taking advantage of our affiliate program is key. 

What do you think is a better way of making money? Do you prefer sharing Internet? Have you tried ad-clicking? We are looking into introducing more options for you to pick, test, and see for yourself which method wins!