Types of income for high school students


Today we are going to review a few types of income for high school students. We will name 4 ways how girls and boys can make their own money, thereby becoming more independent from their parents. Of course, they are going to be legal methods that require no (or almost no) investment. We’ll also review how schoolkids can make money by selling extra bandwidth through our application.

With the advent of the Internet, the number of ways to make money has increased significantly. Let’s say, 50 years ago schoolboys had to work physically to make extra money; even girls resorted to manual labor. The 90s and 00s were the years of assembling and restoring computers. The present-day kids find passive income ways online. The XXI century generations heavily rely on the Internet technology as today the online environment offers hundreds of part-time job opportunities for school-age children!

Four types of income for high school boys and girls

1. Copywriting is a very popular occupation. Dozens of content exchange markets are waiting for young authors to try their hand at writing. Fortune favors literate and diligent students who can write concisely as they are valuable qualities for good writing. Students with journalism, editing and translation skills can earn up to 500 dollars a month. Content exchange websites are good for finding the first customers to work directly with. This one-on-one cooperation results in bigger money. In general, copywriting and rewriting are pretty profitable when it comes to side income. Text sale marketplaces work well for those who are responsible, rule-abiding and, of course, in love with writing!

2. Many boys and girls choose hand-made as an income. Girls and boys create intricate souvenirs and gifts. If the thing looks exquisite, customers are easy to find as people like giving unique presents. Carving, soap making, beading, and embroidery are especially popular today. The earnings depend on the quality of the work and the number of clients. When it comes to creating art, the rule of word of mouth plays a big role. A buyer likes the thing, tells friends and family about it, they come to buy more things from the author, and that’s how the number of clients grows. To attract an audience, students start blogs where they post pictures and reviews of their crafts. Earnings vary from $500 to $2,000 monthly.

3. High school boys are fond of technology. Many of them find their liking in cool devices and equipment. Repairing and assembling smartphones, laptops and PCs may become their future business. When a master finds their client, the latter will make it worth their while. Advertising and word spread quickly, and more people learn about the skilful amateur. Most of devoted schoolboys start own business in university as they open a workshop to fix mobile phones, engineering and household items. Good specialists are never lazy, and this is how they make nice profit with $20 to $100 per case.

If you are a parent of a high school student and notice their wish to earn first money, provide your child with a few hundred dollars as a start. It is obvious that some occupations require consumables. For example, for manufacturing designer presents you need jewelry, toys, flowers; for crafting you need wood, fabric, paper, etc. Help your child buy what they need and keep track of their progress.

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Earn money by selling extra bandwidth

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Today, modern businesses and people work online. It’s only wise to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. So take advantage of what Peer2Profit has got to offer! Ours is legal and worthwhile. We require little effort on our users’ end and pay them while they are busy with their routine. Make use of our tool for selling extra bandwidth, especially since we warrant security and privacy online for all our users.