Traffic monetization devices


Peer2Profit is a unique internet traffic monetization system. We do our best to offer you user-friendly, easy to use and secure solutions to make money sharing your internet. The best part is that everyone can make money with high speed internet. Your device just needs to have an Internet-connection.

Why is Peer2Profit the right choice?

Many of us are wondering how to sell internet bandwidth. There are difficult ways such as traffic arbitrage requiring special skills, experience and initial investment. To get such knowledge and resources you should spend a lot of time. However, our main principle says “get paid for your bandwidth. And that’s what our service exists for.

How to sell internet bandwidth?

Our system helps you to sell unused bandwidth without losing the speed of your connection. We rarely use our connection’s speed and amount of traffic to the fullest. But we pay for it anyway. So why not sell unused bandwidth, and make money with high speed internet. It works both with domestic ISP’s and mobile At&T or so.

What should I do to sell extra bandwidth?

You should take these simple steps:

1. Register on the site,

2. Install the application,

3. Check your personal account to control money you made by sharing your internet,

4. Withdraw money from our site in one of the many ways,

5. Profit!

The point is you can sell bandwidth for money using different devices simultaneously . We developed simple and reliable Peer2Profit app for different OS’s such as:

  • Windows,
  • Android*,
  • MacOS,
  • Linux,
  • Raspberry Pi,
  • Huawei e3372h modems.

It means that making money with high speed internet is available for owners of personal computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets with a variety of operating systems. The more devices you use, the more you get paid for your bandwidth. Keep our app running anytime, anywhere using:

  • domestic internet,
  • Wi-Fi connection in a cafe or at work,
  • on mobile communications.

We recommend you use a tariff with unlimited traffic so you could not lose money but make money sharing your internet at its best. During smartphone and tablet usage, remember to unload unnecessary applications from operative memory (RAM), and recharge devices on time.

Learn more about ways to sell internet bandwidth effectively without any investments in our blog. Connect to Peer2Profit and reveal that making money with high speed Internet is real!


*We offer you two ways to install our application devices running Android. Download the app using the Google Play Market, or take the APK file from our website. For owners of Huawei devices, downloading from the native AppGallery is also available.