Top 5 ways to make money for a student including passive income in 2022


Going to University is expensive, no need to deny that. College years are tough for most students, so they’re always on the lookout for part-time jobs or side income. Thanks to the power of technology, extra cash (and even more) can go on paying the bills. If a student is lucky enough, they find a way to make good money and complete their studies without hassle. Today, we are going to review some options of home- and out-of-home money-making for a student in 2022. You will learn how to make money (passive income) with high speed Internet and get paid for your bandwidth. 

Choose one option or two, decide which suits you best; you don’t have to do them all. Doing one or two together with earning passively could really help you through the financially frantic University or college years and life of a grown-up ahead!

5 ways to make extra money in 2022

1. Sell, sell, sell!

Your books, old CDs, games and videos, furniture and whatnot — all this usually goes to trash. Or not. Smart guys turn unneeded things into money, so can you! We bet you have school textbooks stuffed in drawers, or just books your grandpa gave you for Christmas, and a ton of DVDs that occupy place, and two-three rugs ‘just in case’. Why not give it all away? Garage sales are a good idea, and no hassle at all. 

Also, you can use the We Buy Books service. It works like this: enter the ISBN, they value a book, you print off a pre-paid postage label (you don’t even have to go to the Post Office), they pay you once they receive your package. The service works best with the books you didn’t touch.

Instead of throwing your CD’s and games away, turn them into cash through Music Magpie. Again, it takes minutes: enter the barcode, they give you an instant price for your goods, you box them up, and send for free. Once they receive them, you get your payment.

2. Copywriting and selling notes

If you are good at writing, always make good use of your talent! Put your hard work to good use! At school, your writing skills gave you as little as a good grade; now is the time to make money on it. You can find tons of websites to sell your texts on. Finished works cost a lot. Or, you could help school kids and college students with their homework. E.g. Notesale is a platform that lets you take notes and put them online. You set a price and get paid through the website whenever somebody buys your notes.

3. Tutoring

This option is another way to make real money. Students good at studying often tutor schoolkids in an academic field. Why not profit from expertise? If a person is serious, diligent, and wants to share their knowledge, tutoring can become a good way. You need to advertise your talents on job boards for locals or online communities. Use websites like Preply, where you can find clients paying $ 30-50 per hour. 

4. Vlogging

Who isn’t a YouTube vlogger in 2022? Lazy ones randomly click on recommended videos while serious people make these recommended clips. Students willingly record videos on the go or from home, reviewing goods, sharing opinions, telling stories, advertising products, etc. YouTube and other video platforms offer unlimited web space for creativity as long as users comply with Terms.

It’s no secret that for 1,000 views you can earn between $ 1 and $ 5, meaning that when you reach 50,000 views you have $ 100 in your pocket. How many views you’ll get depends on originality, diligence, and luck. Who knows, maybe someday a student reading this blog is going to become a huge YouTube star!

5. How to make passive income for a student

With Peer2Profit, you get paid for your bandwidth. How about this method of making money? With high speed Internet, Wi-Fi and mobile, you can (and should) earn to pay your monthly bills. Students with University debts can easily reduce them. Many of our users have gotten rid of failures to pay as their cash compensates the education fees. 

Get paid for your bandwidth with Peer2Profit!

How about a hundred dollars per month? What if it is a thousand? Will you give Peer2Profit a try? By simply sharing unused bandwidth, thousands of students worldwide make money with their high speed Internet in 2022. In fact, it’s all they need to start working with us. The more devices and ISPs a student adds, the higher the passive income. You can find all the necessary info and settings in the FAQ. 

  1. Answering your question about security, our app is not malware and does not collect personal data. Your browsing activity as well as personal files and folders remain intact. 
  2. Currently, we support Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h modems, so you can download and use the app from any OS. 
  3. And last but not least, we work with all popular payout systems like WebMoney, Advcash, Bitcoins, Qiwi Wallet, and Payeer.