TOP 4 ways of passive income on the Internet: how much effort do they need


The desire to receive additional income is a modern trend, and we can only welcome its growing popularity. Some people try to find a second or a part-time job, while others focus on making money with high speed Internet. You can make some money by rent, monetizing your hobbies, or by selling bandwidth for money. In some cases, such activities require working hard for three or more hours daily. Is the definition of "passive income" true? Or does it need actions to be taken yet?

No money — no honey?

The simplest way to make money with high speed Internet requires the presence of start-up capital or property. That’s renting out your property or car, as well as bank deposits or investments we talk about. It doesn't matter whether you play on a stock market or run for cryptocurrency exchange. The latter only allows you to start with small cash in your virtual pockets. But at the same time, all this cryptocurrency stuff is more dangerous. Exchange rates change so quickly and unexpectedly that it takes guts to keep working with them. However, we are interested in the possibility of making passive income on the Internet without any investment. And what is important, to have a legal income.

Work as an intermediary

Affiliate marketing requires less money to start with. This financial sphere is an important part of digital commerce, accounting for up to 15% of e-commerce profits in the world. Marketplaces (such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Etsy to name a few) allow those who wish to open a virtual store, sell goods and services created by others, and take a percentage of it.

Creating a profitable Internet business takes three to seven months. Take into account these periods of time while planning to earn passive income. Even after that, you’ll still have to update the virtual storefront regularly. Also as keeping an eye on competitors, looking for new suppliers and buying ads to move forward your business. As you see, It is difficult to call a passive way of money-making. 

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th president of the US, once said "It is only through labor and painful effort <...> that we move on to better things." But on the other hand there is a way to make money not only by sharing your Internet, or selling unused bandwidth.

Work a week - earn a lifetime income

One more way to earn money in a passive way is to sell the fruits of your labor. You could write a book, develop a paid Internet course of lectures or video tutorials. The same sources of passive income include the sale of photos through stock services, and the development of web pages, mobile games and apps.

This path to make a passive income is not easy. It takes months and even years to find your target audience, and its needs. More than that you’ll spend months preparing, mastering your skills to realize the conceived plan. And after your job is done, and your creation is released, published or patented, you’ll still have work to do. Any product of material or intellectual labor needs to be advertised, updated, protected as an intellectual property from Internet pirates, etc.

What about a personal web page or blog? May it be a source of passive income on the Internet as reliable as selling bandwidth for money? Let’s see.

Your profit could come from traffic made through advertising on the Internet site. Unless it isn’t an Internet shop itself. But to make money this way you should make the webpage as popular as possible. You should maintain interest in it, filling your store regularly with new content - on your own, or by hiring qualified pros. 

Such dilemmas do not apply to users who are able to sell unused bandwidth. Although there is a choice of how exactly to make money on Internet traffic.

Is Peer2Profit the best way to make passive income?

The examples above show that making high passive income requires putting a lot of effort into it. It’s partly true for the Peer2Profit system. To get passive income of $800-1000, you should develop your own affiliate network sharing referral link.

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