The tool for your computer making money for you!


The tool for your computer making money for you!

Here is the thing: when you use your computer, only a tiny fraction of its power is used. Meanwhile the rest of the power remains idle. The same with the Internet connection. The idle state can actually be used for good. It can in fact be monetized. Sounds new, we bet! 

Peer2profit will teach you how to use the excess power from your computer (Wi-Fi connection) and make good money. Whereas millions of users worldwide waste this resource, you will be among the smart ones who monetize it! You sell extra bandwidth – you earn cash, you become more active – your income grows. To know the figures, 

  • you start from 3-6 dollars per month, 

  • continue with a hundred, 

  • and reach up to $1,000. 

Let us show you how to sell extra bandwidth and start making money straight away!

  1. First, go to our web-site, which is

  2. On the main page, click the button Sign up.

  3. Fill in your user details. By this, you register in our system and get access to your Personal account.

  4. Click [Download the App] and install it.

  5. Once the app is installed, enter your username and password and click login.

That's it!

In the short run you’re going to learn how to use the tool. Give it a month or two to get used to, see the first money come in, withdraw it, then you can begin to grow your network through the referral link. The more people join in the system via it, the more you earn. You’re paid for each new user!

If you need more details

For those who want to know how Peer2profit works in detail, this is how our program works. 

Most of the time, the Internet connection of our Wi-Fi routers remains idle. By statistics, around 90% of it is not used even when all our laptops, phones and smart TVs are on. This means that for most residential data plans our online activities barely come close to maxing out our bandwidth. In fact we have a lot of unused bandwidth at any given time unless we are downloading heavy files or running a couple of intensive apps simultaneously. In any way, all of us have at least 5 hours of sleep when we don’t use the Internet at all, as well as the time spent shopping, driving, doing housework.

Today, businesses require a stable inflow of relevant data, which is not easy because IP addresses are geographically bound. They can get these IP addresses from the Peer2profit users. Companies pay willingly for IPs. A user sells extra bandwidth from his IP – a company buys it.

The deal becomes possible thanks to websites, programs or applications which act as an agent between the two parties. Peer2profit is one of such. It acts as a medium that rents out a user’s bandwidth and allows companies to use it (through a user’s IP address). This is how companies get the chance to access the Internet through a different IP address/country than where they reside. It is a normal practice for marketing agencies, major businesses, search engines, etc. They collect the data for their research and other business purposes.

How quickly will you become rich?

This depends on your activity. You won’t become rich immediately. Even if you sell extra bandwidth 20 hours a day, it will take a few months to see the cash flow in.  With time, if you go further and add referrals, you can make 100-500 dollars a month. Bigger money is possible with an unlimited data plan, fast Internet speed and the affiliate program. The more actively you participate, the more people join in, the more you make!