Think and grow rich: how Peer2Profit helps in financial planning


Financial well-being is the foundation of a happy life. To become financially prosperous, you need two things. The one is the ability to earn with your own hands, or to have a passive income, for example, get paid for your bandwidth. The second condition of financial independence is the ability to spend money wisely. It means an ability to know when, on what and how much to spend your earned dollars. This is where financial planning helps. Today we’ll talk about financial planning and the role of passive income in it.

A personal financial plan provides a detailed guide on realizing your dreams and achieving your goals in the long term. For example, building a bigger house, buying a new car, spending a vacation in the Bahamas, sending your children to college or forming a retirement plan like a 401(k). The plan consists of 5 steps.

Set financial goals

Think about what you want most and write all the wishes in a list (or form a table). Imagine what you would like to get after five years, then ten and even twenty. The point is to move from abstract dreams to concrete desires. For example, dreaming about a car is one thing. Another is dreaming of a new muscle-car with a capacity of 220 hp from car dealer Bob in the next year. The car costs $33,000, and $23,000 should be applied as a loan at 12% per year. Such details are important.


Compiling a list of financial goals takes time, but that's okay. After that you need to rank the items in order of importance. Clothes for the new season are needed now, and the purchase of new furniture can be postponed until next year. First of all, build an emergency fund in the amount of three to six of your monthly budgets.Also protect yourself with insurance.

Create a budget

You'll need a second list called budgeting worksheet. Count your monthly income (assets) and expenses (liabilities). In the income column, mind all the cash receipts: salary from the main job, passive income from unused bandwidth you sell, money you make on hiring out a house, and so on. Expenses are harder to determine. It is necessary to manage all debts including monthly expenses for food, transport and paying bills, and also the sums you spend on credit card debt, student debt, or a car loan.

Document all your transactions by writing it down or installing on your tablet or phone a special app for accounting finances (Coin Keeper, Money Flow, etc). Also, your gadget will acquire some other applications, for example, allowing you to sell unused bandwidth. 

Find ways to reach your goal

Sticking to the plan could be followed in two ways: reduce spending and increase income. For example, cancel subscriptions to Apple Music or Netflix if possible. Replace Friday night clubbing with playing Monopoly with friends at home, and instead of ordering pizza, cook your lunch by your own hands. These are just examples of cost optimization. You can sell unnecessary things on the marketplaces, start lifestyle blogs, rent out your summer cottage using Airbnb service and make money with high speed Internet. Since Internet bandwidth is usually used by only 10%, the remaining unused bandwidth could be sold for money through Internet traffic monetization services.

Increasing income means faster implementation of the financial plan. There are two ways here:

  1. active income,
  2. passive income.

In the first case, you can ask for additional shifts or take on new responsibilities at your main job, or find a part-time job. You can conduct online lessons, do crafts, walk dogs, or wash cars in the evenings. Here you are only limited by your imagination and abilities. Some responsibilities could be taken on even by students with no actual work experience.

Getting passive income is the second way. If you have start-up capital, you can open a bank account, or engage in high-risk trading in the stock markets. If there are no savings and property, it does not matter. Among the ways of passive income on the Internet without investments, we note getting paid for your bandwidth. You can sell extra bandwidth of your Internet. To make money with high speed Internet through Peer2Profit, you just need to register on our website and install an app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, Mac or PC. Our application doesn’t access personal data, won’t slow down devices you use and can’t save your web history. But it allows you to sell extra bandwidth of yoy mobile or domestic Internet. Earned dollars are easy to track in your personal account. You may withdraw an earned sum directly to a credit card or through different payment systems, even anonymous cryptocurrency accounts.

Making money with a high speed Internet does not promise you the moon. At first it could be enough to pay for small expenses, e.g. a cup of extra coffee. Later you could be able to cover your Internet or mobile communications debts. For you, having spent so much effort on developing a financial plan, would be easy to spare an hour mastering the nuances of working with Peer2Profit. Organize your work wisely, invite your subscribers, friends or family members to get paid for bandwidth. And soon you’ll notice an increase in your passive income by three or more times. After signing up you’ll get an exclusive referral link transferring you money equal to 50% of the earnings made by people you invited. 

Napoleon Hill once said, "A goal is a dream with a deadline." So don’t waste your time, join Peer2Profit and make money just sharing your Internet!