The factors affecting your passive income


Selling Internet bandwidth through the Peer2Profit app is an easy online side hustle requiring no special skills or hardware. Just follow standard online safety rules to earn passive income from a computer or a mobile smartphone without network threats.

But the amount of money earned varies from location. To make sure, open the dashboard main page on our official site, and see the map presenting average levels of estimated income. Make money sharing your Internet all around the world, in Norway, Greece, Colombia, USA, Philippines, Singapore and Australia. However the statistics claim the difference in monthly payments from $1 to $12.

Why does my profit fluctuate?

The median pay out depends on:

  1. demand for traffic in particular areas
  2. number of Peer2Profit users.

The more enterprise and individual clients seek information near you, the higher the reward. Also there is an inverse relationship between the number of incoming requests and the amount of Peer2Profit entry points. The more users are presented in an area, the lower are money sums one gets. It is a dynamic characteristic changing over time in Norway, in the Philippines, etc.

How can I affect my income?

First of all, we apply auto-leveling algorithms to keep balance between the traffic demand and supply. It means spreading the requests between different users, so everyone gets a possibility to earn passive income from a computer or smartphone. We have already covered the topic of revenue fluctuations in time useful to sell unused bandwidth more effectively. 

To make more money sharing your Internet one needs:

  • Install our app to multiple devices.
  • Increase the amount of referral partners and get commission for their achievements.
  • Check statistics to find the most profitable way of passive income and the most appropriate time.
  • Connect proxies.
  • Improve connection characteristics.

The last list item is intended to raise the speed of one’s network. Two more concepts you need to know about are:

  1. Bandwidth
  2. Ping connection, or latency.

What is bandwidth?

The bandwidth is the capacity of connection to the Web. It is measured in bits per second (Bps). But according to technological progress the bandwidth is thousands times faster than it. Megabits per second (Mbps) and gigabits per second (Gbps) are commonly used. 

The gigabyte speed is popular among enterprises. Owner of such a connection is able to sell bandwidth for money in greater amounts, e.g. assisting Big data processes.

While 100 Mbps web speed is now usual for households in many countries, such as Singapore, Greece, and Australia. As a user you are paid more if the speed is higher, because of technical abilities to transmit more data. Ask your mobile carrier or domestic Internet service provider about it, switch to a faster pricing plan if necessary. Then you will be able to provide a part of the web channel faster on demand and earn more passive income from computers.

What is connection latency?

The latency describes the quality of web transmission. It is considered “fast” in case the latency is lower than 100 ms. The latency is also called “ping”. It’s a time packet of data spent to overcome the distance between your device and the client asking for unused bandwidth. This is the time you make money by sharing your Internet.

Different intermediary devices influence the total amount of ping. Among them are:

  • networking access points
  • routers
  • firewalls, etc.

You can’t affect these intermediates, because e-commerce companies of ours are able to be located in Colombia, while you are in the USA, vice versa. So keep the app online longer, take care of the devices’ amount and the size of your referral network.

As you can see, there are some reasons why a monetizing traffic process has some fluctuations. But we have put them out of your sight to simplify the process. Launching the app takes a single click. Or tap, if you sell Internet bandwidth through mobile devices. Peer2Profit does everything that our clients get online information from the location you are in, while you are decently rewarded for bandwidth.