Spend less, feel great


The mission of Peer2Profit, as a traffic monetization system, is simple. We give people an opportunity to sell bandwidth for money. In this capacity, we assist them with generating extra cash anywhere. But If you intend to accumulate that wealth, the equation consists of both earning more and spending less. You might argue: “I sell bandwidth for money to spend that cash.” For sure, it is your right. But what if there are tricks to save at least a portion of that amount, and enjoy your life? Here are some ideas tested by our team. 

1. Budgeting

Budgeting is crucial if you want to live a happy and harmonious lifestyle. All it takes is to examine the current state of your personal finances to identify costs to cut. The best initial step is to list your regular expenses and identify the suitable ones to trim. Mortgage payments and utility bills universally stay. But hanging out at a bar or purchasing clothes often may be an excess.

Attempt to steer a middle way. Sacrificing all little pleasures is not a good plan. First, too much austerity is bad for psychological well-being. Second, if you go too far in a haste, you might lose control and start overspending anew. Begin with 10% next month. Gradually, you can start saving more, up to 20 or even 30%. Believe us, seeing more and more on the account is a source of gratifying pleasure! By the way, both school children and seniors are allowed to try getting paid for their bandwidth

2. Free activities 

One more way to save money — the money earned if you get paid for your bandwidth, for instance — is to find activities and routines that are free of charge and to buy stuff at a discount more regularly. Any town or city neighborhood always offers some options. Taking a walk in the park with a friend of yours is free. Attending an outdoor concert held by a municipality is free. Visiting a festival is often free. Hiking in the woods is free. 

Start with setting up a schedule of free events and activities, say, for a month. First, Google free admission events nearby. Then add your own, like jogging or walking. You will see how eventful everyday life may become!   

On top of that, the world is full of free offerings not only when it comes to relaxation and leisure. On YouTube, you can find plenty of free courses and programs for self-improvement. Learn new things and develop new skills, while selling bandwidth for money.

3. Attention to discounts 

On the Net, one can find special deals, group rates, season discounts, and coupons. Allocate an hour to scanning the Net for offerings of this sort, and you will be amazed. So, wherever you need to buy something expensive, make sure to look for a cheaper alternative.

4. Love what you already possess

Being able to feel satisfied with what you have is a crucial skill if you intend to spend less. The problem with the never-ending race for fancy and latest things is that it will literally never end. More than that, buying new goods, devices, and accessories, after a short and illusory sense of fullness, will certainly leave you in a state of emptiness. 

Taking a pause to respite and appreciate what you already have will not only save money, but also protect from possible disappointments. A good idea in this respect would be to switch from buying stuff to creating meaningful moments and memorable experiences.

5. Secondhand shopping 

If you work a lot to earn a living and get paid for your bandwidth with us, a nice way to save that income is to try secondhand shopping. It is not only reasonable from a financial point of view. It would also be an environmentally responsible and friendly thing to do. 

You make your tiny contribution to the transition to a zero-waste world. And if you are lucky enough, it is always possible to find items that are in top condition and available at a fraction of the original price. Pay a visit to thrift stores or yard sales. It may feel like an adventure. 

However, if you prefer to stay home, there are also eCommerce stores and special sites on the Internet at your service. Surf them.  

6. Cook by yourself 

Let’s start with the basics. How much do you spend on your coffee to go? If you buy a cup for a morning walk every day, there are seven a week and thirty a month. Instead, you can make coffee at home and use your travel mug. 

It holds true for meals in general. Eating at cafes and restaurants daily gradually takes a toll on your wallet. Attempt to cook tasty dishes at home. It is a cost-effective way to have fun and retain resources.  

Anyway, the only thing needed to save money is to earn some. Join the Peer2Profit monetization system to make passive income. It is easy!