Selling unused internet: how exactly does it work


Selling unused internet: how exactly does it work?

Do you know you can sell unused bandwidth for some extra cash? You can use a laptop and a mobile to sell an idle Internet connection. The amount of money earned depends on how active you are and if you join the affiliate program. 

Do you actually know that around 90% of your Internet connection is idle? Think about the time you are online. Now think about the time you are not. Grocery shopping, going out, doing housework… during all this time you don’t use your mobile or PC, and all this time you can convert into money! Selling bandwidth has in fact become a good passive income for many people out there. They start with paying their wifi bills and end up earning $1,000 per month! 

How much can you earn?

The current average rate for data is around $1 for 10Gb. Some websites pay $2 for 10Gb or even more. Terms of use vary from site to site, as well as security levels. However, there are websites, apps and tools letting people earn in a legal way. Say, Peer2Profit is not just another way of scamming but a legit way to earn online. Moreover, here selling unused bandwidth is a global thing because it works worldwide. 

Now let’s see how exactly the system works. 

Don’t get confused with the term “selling” it’s not like you got 1000GB of data and sold 200GB to make $20 instantly. You need to install the Peer2Profit application on your mobile or PC and keep it running in the background to share the internet over the network. So the people purchasing it (marketing agencies, major businesses, search engines, etc.) can use it consistently just like we use the normal internet. The app collects the data based on location, which means it will automatically share more data if there is a high demand in a user’s location.

As you start using the tool, you will come up with 6-8 dollars per month. You need some time to get the hang of it, so don’t worry and keep using the app. Similar programs pay you more as you begin, but later on decrease your earnings to keep you going. With Peer2Profit it’s the same rate.

Here, you get 2 ways to make money including:

  1. sharing the internet.
  2. referral’s earnings.
  • 30 referrals will bring $100 per month,
  • 300 referrals will bring $1,000 per month,
  • 3,000 referrals will bring $10,000 per month.

Where do businesses use your data?

An idle Internet connection is used to collect information from the Web and conduct market research. As you willingly sell bandwidth for money, the companies which buy it, need it for their marketing purposes:

-to compare prices,

-to learn their competitors’ campaigns,

-to plan SEO strategies,

-to protect own brand.

Thanks to users’ data, business owners don’t have to worry about location-based restrictions or censorship. So it's a win-win situation for both parties where Peer2Profit acts as a medium.

You may ask about the security issues. With Peer2Profit there is nothing to worry about. The program uses encryption to guarantee its users’ security. No data stored on PC or device gets leaked. 

As for expected earnings, you don’t have to calculate complicated algorithms to know how much you’ll earn from selling unused bandwidth. Your money comes based on the scheme:

  • Business 0.3 per 1Gb,
  • Cellular 1 per 1Gb,
  • Hosting 0.3 per 1Gb,
  • Residential 0.8 per 1Gb,
  • Other 0.3 per 1Gb.

Currently, the system supports the following payment methods: Webmoney, Visa, Bitcoins, YooMoney, MasterCard, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet.

The available platforms are: MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

With so much to offer, no wonder Peer2Profit has a high rank on Trustpilot. The platform for businesses and consumers hosts 240 reviews on the app and program:

  • 163 responses with 5 stars,

  • 5.1 score.