Sell bandwidth for money. A few words about security


Peer2Profit is a legal app that has become a good income source for many internet users. You sell bandwidth for money, letting companies and market researchers collect data through your Internet connection. Our program does not require investments, is risk-free, and you can cancel using it any time. 

There are a few web-sites where users can sell bandwidth for money. However, are their earnings system and terms of use transparent enough? Won’t their third-party programs be harmful? Before running third-party software, make sure that it is verified and is safe to work on!

Our app:

  • Uses the latest encryption protocols to provide more security on the web. End-to-end encryption is used to hide personal information from unauthorized persons
  • Does not have access to personal files or data on a PC, smartphone or other device
  • Does not have direct access to your wallet to withdraw money
  • Does not log web-history or downloaded files
  • Finally, our application is designed to be easy to use: you have access to clear statistics of the referrals, which you easily control through your personal account.

Peer2Profit is a pioneering bandwidth monetization tool! Using our app is legal, does not require expenses on your part, guarantees security of your data, and is safe to use,. You don't lose anything, so if you need a website to sell bandwidth for money – high time to sign up!