Security tips — checklist


By becoming a user of the Peer2Profit platform, users get the opportunity to make money selling bandwidth, and thus earn passive income from computer. By applying KYC ("know your customer") policy and data encryption, our platform ensures that users legally and safely earn money from traffic. But there are separate earnings security issues that depend on the user. In this article, we will look at what security points users should pay attention to.

Security checklist

First, let's briefly list those security issues that depend on the user:

  • email,
  • password,
  • proxy servers.

Let's analyze each point in detail.


Users have to sign up with Peer2Profit in order to earn passive income from computer. Email is the login used when logging into the application. Also, email is necessary to restore access in case of loss of the password.

When accessing the user's mail, an unauthorized person has the opportunity to change the login, withdraw funds to their own accounts or earn money from traffic. Considering the importance of an email address, users have to follow a number of recommendations when choosing a mail server and working with it.

Choose a reliable, trusted server: Google, Yahoo or another well-known mail service.

Beware of fishing. Fishing is a type of Internet fraud when a fake site repeats the original in design, layout of controls and has a similar name. If you need to access the mail from someone else's device, carefully check the name of the site to the last letter before entering your username and password. For example, and (the names are fictitious) are different sites due to the difference in the symbol in the name. When logging in through a fishing site, users are redirected to the original site, but the username and password fall into the hands of scammers. 


Most sites at registration give recommendations and even requirements for creating strong passwords. However, sometimes users use the same password for all accounts, which the site does not require. For example, the password [email protected] is both simple and meets stringent requirements for the number and variety of characters.

To make money selling bandwidth, the user needs to use reliable mail, which we wrote about above. The strength of the mail also determines the password. When using a Google email address, the user just needs to come up with a good email password and sign out using that account. In other cases, to enter the platform, you also need to come up with a strong password.

Our recommendations when creating passwords are as follows:

  1. the number of characters is more than 8;
  2. the use of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, symbols;
  3. placement of characters in a different order;
  4. exclusion of sequential introduction of characters;
  5. make it a rule "one site — one password";
  6. if you are afraid to forget your passwords, keep a record of them in a safe place, for example, in a password manager.

Based on these recommendations, let's change the password [email protected] to a strong and less predictable password like [email protected]

Proxy servers

Earning money from traffic with Peer2Profit through a proxy is an option of passive income. In order not to lose profit, the user should take the choice of proxy servers and work with them.

Free proxy servers get attention for an obvious reason. When trying to make money selling bandwidth through free proxies, the user loses profit due to negative aspects in their work:

  • instability of work;
  • slow connection speed;
  • data privacy concerns;
  • the risk of a sudden shutdown of the server or switching to a paid basis.

We recommend using paid proxies with technical support. So the user receives a guarantee of server performance.

When connecting to a proxy, you must use a strong key and connection type.

Thus, when users want to earn passive income from a computer, Peer2Profit asks them to pay attention to a small list of security issues. Our platform is working to keep the list of such questions simple and minimal.

If you have any questions about how to make money selling bandwidth, contact our support or look for additional information on our blog, where we regularly publish new information on the operation of the platform and ways to earn passive income from a computer.