Referral system: how to start making money on it?


Let's move on with the topic of the referral system. In the previous part of this article we talked about how to get started with a referral system. You can learn about your first steps in network marketing here.

Today we will touch upon how to use referral links, where you can talk about selling unused bandwidth, and which social networks and messengers to pay attention to.

How to work with social media sites?

In social networks you can find all segments of the population. Many of them are looking for ways to set up passive income and are ready to sell extra bandwidth.

Start with copying the referral link from your dashboard and publishing it in comments, ads, and posts. You will quickly find your first referrals. Make sure you don’t link spam, otherwise readers will quickly get bored and start ignoring you. Plus you risk drawing unnecessary attention from the administration of the platform.

How to work with review sites?

You can choose either of three options:

1) insert the link into your review (if links are allowed on the site);

2) insert the link in the comments below the post;

3) mention in the review or comments that you will send the link in a personal message to everyone who is interested.

If you decide to make a review, you can try the following scheme:

• explain how you found Peer2Profit and why you chose it;

• explain why you decided to try the app;

• talk about the clear terms of use or transparent requirements that distinguish Peer2Profit from other platforms;

• describe how you sell unused bandwidth and make money on it.

As an additional argument for Peer2Profit, supply information about how much money users make:

• average monthly earnings with one connected device are $ 2, two devices give about $ 6;

• successful users who grow their referrals’ network withdraw about $ 1000 per month.

Don't make your review big because it looks made-up. Make an honest short post about why you like the Peer2Profit app. You can also post your review on social networks.

How to respond to users’ questions?

Your reviews and posts will find their audience. These people will want to know more about the application and ask questions before clicking on the link. Answer all questions; pay special attention to the questions by regular readers. Be polite even if random comments seem rude.

Stay positive even if your post doesn't get a lot of views. Your friends and coworkers might read the post, get curious and share it. In turn, friends of friends will see the post too, like and re-post it. This is the way a referral system works.

Should I look for an audience in instant messengers?

You can send your referral link through instant messengers in chats and dialogues. Share your link with the audience, tell them how to sell extra bandwidth, share your impressions of working with the traffic-monetization tool, and answer people’s questions.

You can enter thematic conversations in messengers where you’ll see a large target audience. These people are willing to do extra: follow the link, install bandwidth-selling apps, and thus expand your referral network.

Where else can I find referrals?

You can communicate with a target audience on forums or in the comment section on websites. Search engines will help you find thematic platforms and threads where people share their opinions on systems and tools for additional income.

Pick an active chat or forum, submit feedback about your experience with Peer2Profit. After a few days, visit the webpage again to answer the users' questions and add new information to the chat.

To find an interesting thread or discussion, use the following methods:

• use search engines (i.e. Google) to enter the query “forum + topic name”, browse the websites and sign up;

• search by threads and discussion titles “where to buy” or “what do you recommend”;

• try to post your affiliate link on the websites where people ask questions: Answerbag, Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, FunAdvice, Askville, Friendfeed, etc.

What else to pay attention to?

1. Do not copy paste the same review, use different texts on different websites.

2. Do not link spam too often in one place, else you may be blocked.

3. Read the rules of the platform where you want to leave your referral link, because you may be not allowed to share links.

4. Behave in a friendly way as friendly people gain trust easier.

What's next?

In the next part of the article, we will share in detail what to avoid distributing referral links, as well as advise methods of increasing earnings through network marketing.