Referral system: how to make money on it


What do you need to know about network marketing, how to create and maintain your referral system, how to increase income – read this article in 3 parts if you are a newbie and want to know more about all the features and details of an affiliate program. We have prepared a tutorial on how you can sell extra bandwidth and make money on the unused Internet connection.

What is this tutorial about and who is it for?

After several months of working with Peer2Profit and selling extra bandwidth through our application, users come across the same few questions. What do I do next? Can I earn more by selling unused traffic?

You already know the answer. With Peer2Profit, you can and should earn more by inviting referrals. In this article, we share the tips with users who are not up for opening a large-scale project, but feel like trying out network marketing.

Let's put it straight, joining our referral system will not bring you fabulous money in the first month. However, if you deepen your knowledge of network marketing and put it into practice, soon you will see the first clicks on your links and get the long-awaited reward. Over time, you will be able to enlarge your audience and with this increase your profit in times.

How do I start working with a referral system?

1. Update your accounts

There is a prejudice regarding affiliate programs — if a person does not have many friends, acquaintances or subscriptions, network marketing is not for him. This is not quite true.

The first thing you can do is update all your social media sites. Start with your old accounts, check out the people you know in instant messengers, find communities and blogs you had been actively participating in. Choose the sources where you have a lot of members (friends or subscribers) because they are your largest target audience.

In the early 2020s, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter are the most popular networks. Do not forget about LiveJournal and LinkedIn where you may still have friends waiting for your updates.

Another place to search for an audience is reviews’ sites — TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Top Ten Reviews, HundredX, Facebook Ratings & Reviews.

2. Get support from friends and family

After exploring your profiles, reach out to friends and family. Ask them to leave your referral link in chats, feeds or in the comment section of the websites they visit.

3. Make use of chats and forums

It takes little effort to sign up on a dozen blogs, threads, and groups. While you sell unused bandwidth via our app, try posting your referral link in chats or blogs picking the resources with many members, and where link-sharing is allowed. Networks where people are interested in passive income or monetizing traffic, where they are free to discuss any topic, and where they ask questions is just what you need. You can quickly find like-minded people and share your experience on the topic.

4. Make a list of bookmarks

Bookmark all the websites and other resources. Alternatively, make up a sheet with the links. Check these bookmarks from time to time, estimate how active the audience is, answer their questions, and post your referral link again.

Focus on sites where the audience is most responsive.

What's next?

In the next article, you will read more about how to promote your affiliate link in various social networks, chats and threads.