Referral system: how to avoid mistakes and achieve big income?


Let's move on with the topic of the referral system. In the first part of this article we talked about how to get started with a referral system. You can learn about your first steps in network marketing here.

In the second part, we explained how to work with social networks, review sites and instant messengers, how to respond to questions from the audience and ways to find referrals in threads and groups. You can read about it here.

Today, we will discuss what you shouldn’t do when sharing your referral link as well as how to increase your income as you sell unused bandwidth.

What you should not do when working with the referral system

1. Don't link spam

Posting the link too often can result in blocking your account. This applies both to forums, groups, and personal chats. Even if it’s your good friend, avoid dropping the same link over and over. Ask them to sign up and place the link on their webpage — once is enough.

2. Don’t post the referral link without text

Your link supplied with a couple of sentences or a full review about how to sell extra bandwidth, will do more than link flooding without description or explanation. Often, a single link is enough for the administration of the group to consider your publication as spam and exclude you from its members.

3. Don't copypaste reviews

Copying reviews from other websites is risky. On many platforms users who copy and paste reviews get banned quickly. Internal algorithms of the website check the uniqueness of the text, and if a user keeps copying reviews, they are walking on thin ice. Think of 3-5 unique lines about how to sell extra bandwidth, and add your referral link.

4. Don't use ad copy

The Internet is full of ads, and users are repelled by them. Nobody believes advertising texts anymore. In groups and chats there are real people who want real, trustworthy information. Use this chance to enlighten them on a new type of passive income as if you were telling a story to a friend.

Your goal is to present your referral link with a short and competent review: “I use Peer2Profit because there are no similar applications to sell unused bandwidth. It is easy to sign up in as few as 3 steps. They have a cool app available on any device. In the first month, you can earn between $ 2 and $ 6. With a referral program, you can earn $ 1,000 or more. You can withdraw the money through popular payment methods.”

How to grow further?

If you see the first referrals in your account, you can start to grow your referral network.

1. Start your own blog

Choose a platform convenient for you, where you have a good audience and all the necessary tools. You can favor for a diary or launch a thematic blog about passive income. Tell your people about the Peer2Profit application in detail, share life hacks about selling bandwidth, add extra news now and then, describe what mistakes you have made so others won’t repeat them. Choose among Tumblr, Wix, WordPress, Blogger as a blogging platform.

2. Try Pinterest

This is a great option if you're not into a lot of typing. You can make picture collages, collect random images, photos or vectors, supplying them with captions and your referral link. Pinterest is well-indexed by search engines, so finding an audience is no big deal. Users find your dashboard through direct search or browsing the site.

3. Create a “Recommendations” section in your social networks

A few times a week, post here tips on how to make money from selling unused bandwidth. Share life hacks, run blog ads to get more reach. You need to make a community of like-minded people whom you can multiply your income with.

4. Create a blog on a large networking platform

With a certain number of referrals, you can try to reach a new summit. Make use of famous social media such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to increase your earnings. Invite all your referrals and new acquaintances to join your blog. Try different blogging formats.

Anything else?

Internet users can feel if a person, or an ad, or a text is fake, so post your true opinion. Do not forget that consistency is key, that’s why keep making reviews, chatting on websites and blogs, discussing your experience with the audience, answering questions.

This is what affiliate marketing is, which, with the right effort, shall lead you to success and bigger heavier income!