Pros of Selling Traffic with Peer2Profit


Passive earnings via the Internet without investments are real today. Gone are the days of hard physical labor to make good financial support. The Internet itself has long become a way of making money for many people around the world. Passive income without investment is possible thanks to selling extra bandwidth. Let's talk how to sell Internet data online.

Peer2Profit is a pioneering bandwidth monetization tool. With us, you can learn and practice how to sell Internet data online. Anyone and everyone can organize and maintain a stable passive income by selling extra Internet connection. This way of making money online does not involve investments and has no risks. The app is legal, you use it whenever you want. The amount of money coming to your account depends on you only!

Advantages of Peer2Profit

  • It is easy to install.
  • Install and forget, no other work required.
  • The app can run in the background without disrupting your daily work.
  • Little personal data required for signing up.
  • Does not load the CPU.
  • Works on all platforms and OS.
  • Supports popular payment methods.
  • Great customer support. You can contact us anytime.


  • Can be a disadvantage for users with a limited data plan and is more beneficial for users with unlimited data plans.
  • Can be battery consuming if it is running on the phone for an entire day.
  • To ensure a good cash flow, you will have to be active and invite other people to join the program via referral link.

Peer2Profit app is designed specifically for making money. There are few systems out there to offer passive income without investment. So you’ll need to do a thorough search how to sell internet data online and get good money. 

Or, you can try our app right away and check if it works for you.

1. Install our app on your PC or phone.

2. Sign in.

3. Get access to your personal account.

4. Keep track of your earnings.

5. To earn more, refer acquaintances and friends through a link.

6. You get more money for each referred user.

With Peer2Profit, you can make up to $ 1,000 per month by selling every GB of unused bandwidth!