Peer2Profit: with us, you can make extra, and more!


Do you have an unlimited access data plan? Do you have many devices with Wi-Fi and/or mobile Internet connected? Do you use 2–3 different ISPs at home, at work, at your family’s? Do you have lots of unused data that simply expires at the end of each month? And the main question — do you know you can use your idle Internet bandwidth and sell it for money?

If you are a student looking for how to make passive income in 2022, here we are to get you started. With the help of our share and earn money app you can literally make money for doing nothing. Provided you fall under the conditions stated above. With just a high speed Internet, unlimited data plan and several Internet Service Providers you can gain up to $300 per month. You won’t get them at once, but the longer and steadier you are, the bigger the profit. You begin with 5–10 dollars, continue with 50–70, and in 6 months you can make $500 pretty easily. Want to know how much our top users make? Well, let’s say last year they didn’t have to go in debt to buy presents, decorations and food for Christmas.

Here’s how you can sell bandwidth for money through our tool

Once you have decided to share your idle connection and make extra money off it, sign up on our site, download the app, install it, set it up, and leave it running in the background. At the end of the day when you are home, check your first earnings. Bet you’ll be happy to see a few dollars in your e-wallet! And no, you don’t have to turn it off throughout the evening and night. As long as you don’t use your Internet, the app keeps earning. You go to college, do assignments, go shopping, hang out with friends — let the tool do its job even when you go to bed.

Your next question is how much you will make

The more gigabytes you share, the more you earn. The app generates more if you connect multiple devices in different locations and use different ISPs. After a month with Peer2Profit, you could easily cover your monthly data plan bill or paid subscriptions like Netflix or YouTube. Most ambitious ones go further to participate in our affiliate program. It multiplies your income, so you could cover your monthly expenses like a gym season ticket or eating out. 

Just so you know, your payment won’t be identical from month to month. As you sell bandwidth, the sum of money you get depends on your area and the current demand. If you move locations, you’ll see that:

  • some places have higher demand than others; 
  • some have a demand between 2 and 3 GB per day, others — around 8 GB per day;
  • if you run the app on 10 devices at high-demand locations 24/7, you are sure to see $50–80 by the end of the month.

Alternatives to Peer2Profit 

In 2022, when many students look for how to make passive income, they sign up and run all possible apps to maximize their income. Is it worthwhile? All we can say is with Peer2Profit alone, you can make a lot. Out of all similar websites our costs are the most generous in terms of direct and referral earnings.

With other apps that make you money for doing nothing you won’t generate much. A surprise cup of coffee every other week yes, but not more. Besides, they are not risk-free and their users’ online security is questionable. With our risk-free app, extra cash means good cash! Check the screenshots our users share on TrustPilot, they earn real money that recoups random groceries.

With most other money-generating tools you are limited to a PC app only; they offer few payout methods. We have gone farther to design a software for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h modems, with payments through Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoins, etc. 

And again, if you are a student on the lookout how to make passive income, in 2022 try our share and earn money app. It will make you money while you are busy with your homework, studies, training, or plain doing nothing.