Peer2Profit: simple, smart and secure


We know that whenever a person sees a ‘Passive income – fast and easy!’ sign, they back off. The Internet is overcrowded with fraud, scam and cybercrime, so no wonder people mostly reject such notices. However, by rejecting them they simultaneously reject the chance to earn more. Not every ad is spam – there are worthy ways to make a good passive income.

Share your Internet connection and get paid for your bandwidth

Thousands of websites offer such a passive income as sharing Internet connection. Users get paid for their bandwidth, and there is often a catch. Either they require regular investments, or their Terms of use are not transparent enough, or they don’t guarantee cybersecurity. Options are multiple yet many of them are shady. We always advise users to check twice before they choose a platform to work on. Read the Agreement, FAQ, reviews, see if the app is available on your device, and if there are suitable payout methods.

3 core pillars – security, safety and privacy

When it comes to money-making websites, they should base on 3 core pillars. They are security, safety and privacy. This means the system is legal and promises no data leakage. Say, Peer2Profit’s Privacy policy notifies that we only collect necessary data (e-mail, IP address, preferred payout method, social media account names) and don’t store browsing history or device’s internal data. Moreover, we use end-to-end encryption to make sure our users get security on the web. End-to-end encryption is used to hide personal information from unauthorized persons.

Also, our app:

  • Does not have access to personal files or data on a PC, smartphone or other device,

  • Does not have direct access to your wallet to withdraw money,

  • Does not log web-history or downloaded files.

Our users sell safely

We cannot say for other companies. Many of them claim that they protect your data and IP but that’s always shady. In many cases, users literally have zero control over what third parties do with their bandwidth. They get paid and risk their safety at the same time. There might be websites that are not allowed to be browsed in a particular country or jurisdiction and users never know who is using them over their network.

With Peer2Profit it’s different. Our system, website and app do not sell data to anyone. What is personal remains personal. Businesses get access to the network infrastructure they need to run computing applications, and regular users get paid by leasing bandwidth they aren’t using anyway. And in this way Peer2Profit is a win-win for both companies and regular app users. 

We currently support Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h modems. Stay tuned for updates in your personal account because soon we are going to extend the list of available platforms and routers!