Peer2Profit: a few words about security and money-making


A few words about security and money-making with our referral system. These are the most popular questions asked by every second Peer2Profit’s user.

Speaking of online security

As you get paid for your bandwidth you will inevitably wonder about the data leakage. So many news today deal with cyber fraud and cyber attacks. According to the USA banks' estimates, in 2020, companies around the world lost about $ 2.5 trillion due to cybercriminals. Each year this amount grows, and by 2022, according to the financial forecast, the losses will reach $ 5 trillion. Internet users naturally wonder if their online activity might lead to cybercrime.

By sharing your connection willingly you agree to provide third parties with your IP address. In no way does it mean that third parties get access to your device’s storage! Your files, pictures and documents remain unharmed. Peer2Profit does not collect any information other than that needed to pay you, and it keeps all of your internal data safe. If you are in doubt, check out the reviews on Trustpilot where we have over 300 estimates from people worldwide. Among them are those who joined our platform a few years ago, so you can read and check for yourself that no data leakage or other illegal actions take place when it comes to sharing bandwidth.

On to Peer2Profit referral program

From the moment you join our referral program, you get paid for each new user who signs up via your referral link. This is an opportunity to earn more, much more than what you are already making. We pay you according to our prices and rates:

  • Business $0.15 per 1Gb,

  • Cellular $0.5 per 1Gb,

  • Hosting $0.15 per 1Gb,

  • Residential $0.4 per 1Gb,

  • Other $0.15 per 1Gb.

When telling your friends about Peer2Profit, make sure you give them your unique referral link which you can find in your Dashboard. Many of our users ask why they don’t receive any profit from the link they share everywhere. Here’s the answer: you need to know that people use your link exactly to sign up in the system. Otherwise, they use the direct Sign up button on our main webpage. It means no money comes in to your account.

Getting paid for your bandwidth through sharing the referral link doesn’t sound like an awkward thing to do at all. Today, millions of people start their passive income solely via affiliate programs. It is their personalized link that lets them earn more, as more people across the globe sign up through it.

Time is ticking! Get your sharable link to spread among friends, family, coworkers, subscribers, etc. Remember to post it as often as possible on social media channels so random visitors don’t miss out too!