Peer2Profit as a right to exchange information


The Peer2Profit platform helps users to make money selling bandwidth. But for bandwidth buyers — our enterprise customers, companies, and business communities — our platform is about sharing information in any volume and at any speed.

By the International Day of Universal Access to Information on September 28, in this article we will discuss the importance of data availability for companies and ordinary citizens of all countries of the world.

Information and the meaning of its availability

The term "information" is intuitive, although the very definition of the term is still the cause of academic disputes. One of definitions of information would be "facts about a situation, person, event, etc." (Cambridge Dictionary). That is, information refers to almost any human knowledge about something. The recipe for a pie, the composition of a vaccine, the weather forecast, the exchange rate data, all this is information.

Availability of information is an integral value of the modern world. The amount of knowledge determines the deliberation and responsibility in decision-making, the interaction of a person with the environment and other people, improves the safety and quality of life of people. Knowing the weather forecast, a person chooses the right clothes, the composition of the vaccine gives the correct assessment of the impact, the forecast of the exchange rate will save money by converting it into the right currency. 

Naturally, the availability of information also helps in business development: manufacturers strive to improve the quality of goods or services, and consumers find the most suitable option for themselves.

How does Peer2Profit help in accessing information?

Peer2Profit is a way to earn passive income from computer or mobile phones by selling bandwidth. According to Speedtest, in 2022, the Internet with very high data transfer speeds became available in some countries. The top ten include the United States, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Chile and others. With access to such powerful bandwidth, it is incredibly difficult to use it to its full potential. Even having connected 2 computers, 3-4 smartphones, a game console, two Smart TVs to the Network, with high-speed Internet, it is impossible to use all the power of your bandwidth. Taking into account these features, a technology was created that allows you to make money selling bandwidth.

You sell your bandwidth to companies and business communities that want to buy it for their own purposes.

Importance of availability of information for companies and businesses

Companies use acquired bandwidth to exchange large volumes of data at high speed. This process can be compared to the formation of rivers: many streams and small tributaries merge into one turbulent stream. So the sold gigabytes open up opportunities for companies to exchange colossal amounts of information in seconds.

This is especially significant for regions where there is no access to high-speed Internet yet. For example, in the Philippines, there are difficulties with the spread of the Internet, as it is an island state. In some parts of Germany, you can still find small villages where the Internet is connected via the old telephone line.

Our platform is a solution to the Internet accessibility imbalance. By selling bandwidth by users, it creates a network of proxy connections. With the help of our network, bandwidth buyers get access to high-speed Internet, the freedom to choose the region of activity, whether it be Denmark, Spain, the Philippines, the USA, Germany, Japan, Chile or any other countries where there is access to the Network.

When selecting bandwidth buyers, we adhere to the KYC policy (“know your customer”). We collect data on corporate clients, assess the risk of using bandwidth for illegal purposes. If there is no risk, our platform will sell your bandwidth to the client.The legal purposes of using bandwidth include:

  • advertising analytics,
  • optimization of site content for search engines,
  • comparison of products and prices with analogues from competitors,
  • collection of information from open sources.

Significance of bandwidth exchange for people

For the user, our application is primarily a way to earn passive income from computer or other devices.

If you look at the purposes of using bandwidth, it becomes obvious that each user of the platform contributes to improving the global market:

  • targeted advertising, with the right approach will find its consumer,
  • optimized sites will be more likely to be found in searches, which will enable them to quickly find the product of interest,
  • comparison prices between companies will protect the buyer from such negative phenomena as price dumping or monopolization of services,
  • the analysis of open data can help in the development of a particular socially significant area.

How to join Peer2Profit?

To start making money selling bandwidth with our platform, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. sign up with the system,
  2. download our application,
  3. install applications on your devices,
  4. enter the application using your login (your email specified during registration),
  5. leave the device with the installed application connected to the Internet.

After that, the application will sell your bandwidth in the background. The app does not require any control on your part.

More detailed information on how to sell bandwidth, as well as how to earn money by participating in our affiliate program, you will find in our blog.

If you have questions or difficulties using the application contact our support team.