Peer2Profit and SEO: how selling and buying extra bandwidth benefits both sides


Peer2Profit and SEO: how selling and buying extra bandwidth benefits both sides

Today, people rely more than ever on search engines to find information. Dictionaries, reference books, periodicals and even online threads have given way to Google as the most popular and powerful source. For businesses on the Internet, the essential goal is to become visible and drive users to their site. To do this, they must rank well in the search results.

For instance, the most common searches occurring these days are for money-making sites and “How to get passive income”, “Websites for making money without investments”, “How to get paid for your bandwidth, selling extra connection?”. Our system and application answer these queries and let users monetize extra gigabytes of their data plan.

The Internet has brought progress and innovation. As a result, it made passive income easier for all people. This sphere has been developing rapidly, and over the past 7 years millions of people got another job online. However, there is a stepping stone here – investments. Most websites offering passive income require money first. So before you even get a dollar you’ll need to invest 5. Our program though works differently as no prepay needed. We will help you start and maintain passive income as you get paid for your bandwidth by selling extra data. Over time and with active participation your profit may increase up to $ 1,000 per month.

But back to the point. 

How does Peer2Profit help search engine optimization? In a nutshell, through our application the user gives away unused connection, and companies gain access to information on the Internet. Businesses keep track and improve their search engine rankings based on real-time data. The user sells extra bandwidth and they purchase and pay for it. This sum of money adds to a user’s wallet in our app.

What is SEO practice?

SEO is the process that sites use to optimize their visibility among different search engines, with a heavy focus on Google. Web pages are ranked based on a variety of factors that determine their relevance and authority on a certain subject. SEO helps sites to rank high in search engine result pages (SERP).

Firstly, to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns, you need to monitor your rankings with real-time data constantly. This includes keyword research, metadata descriptions, and accurate and recent information. Tracking this information helps marketers pick the best keywords and craft meta descriptions. As a result, the ad campaign earns clicks.

Secondly, SEO practice shows how a website is ranking in real-time compared to competitors. It allows you to monitor which keywords and meta descriptions are useful and which ones are ineffective. By looking at how their competitors progress or fall, companies collect relevant data for their success in the field, proofreading articles, editing web pages, using the correct keywords. As the user sells extra bandwidth, companies buy it and see how to become better, grow bigger in SERP.

How does SEO practice work?

SEO practice heavily relies on analytics. The SEO department of a company monitors everything from site rankings to conversions, and SEO specialists help website to improve its position within search results. They assess measurable data and statistics based on specific keywords, the number of conversions and unique visits, the time people spend on the page, and more.

Why is SEO important?

SEO allows companies to choose the right keywords, which is crucial for reaching users online. If the keywords are chosen incorrectly or there are one of them collected, the company is invisible. It means people cannot see its website, even if it is good and sells cool products and service.

Online position tracking helps companies to optimize their websites. SEO shows which elements of the campaign work well and which ones need improvement. Regular monitoring lets SEO specialists keep abreast, and marketing and promotion departments always know what to do to improve the advertising campaign. As search engines keep updating algorithms, weightings, and rankings, it is important to tweak sites according to the new formulas.

How does Peer2Profit help SEO campaigns?

As a site for making money online without investment, Peer2profit is a great tool for practicing SEO skills. Our app has a global geographic coverage, therefore it attracts users from all over the world. Companies use our network to get geo-location specific data (which is essential in SEO campaigns). Geo-location lets them know how the site performs in different regions and provides invaluable insights to adjust its content, allowing them to reach a specific target audience.

Peer2Profit is a win-win!

Our application is easy to use for both parties.

  • The user learns how to get paid for the bandwidth, raising income from 100 to 1,000 dollars and more.
  • The buyer that utilizes our network can conduct SEO practice to improve rankings with the prospect of growing to Google top 3.

Peer2profit works well for both parties, with no investments and nothing to lose!