Peer2Profit and ad industry


Peer2Profit and ad industry

Peer2Profit as a system is of great use for advertising industry. Marketing agencies, SEO specialists, ad verification organizations etc. rely heavily on our platform. Without us, suchlike businesses wouldn’t exist. This means that without our users we wouldn’t exist either. This is a chain of three links (user –Peer2Profit – company), where each is important.

Let’s see how the system works and how our users make money sharing their Internet.

Peer2Profit have designed a website, a platform and an app that let people sell (lease out) their extra bandwidth. This extra connection is much needed for ad industry. Peer2Profit gives a residential proxy network infrastructure that advertising agencies need for running their ad verification campaigns. 

What are ad verification campaigns?

Nowadays, businesses spend most of their budget on advertising. Competition is very high, so to win in it, they need more and more money. Money spent on ads provides them with popularity, visibility and the first positions in search results. The more a business is noticeable, the higher people’s demand for its goods and services. To give you numbers, the top 30 world’s biggest companies spent around $1.2 billion on advertising in 2020. You hear it right, 1.2 billion dollar USD each! By this we can judge that about 13% of a business’s gross revenue is spent on its advertising campaign.

Indeed, with numbers this big, companies need to make sure that their ad tactics are correct. If it goes wrong, they waste money. And here’s why they heavily rely on ad verification agencies. Ad verification ensures that ads will reach the target audience. Ads are usually placed on websites (online stores, marketplaces, reviews sites) that accumulate a lot of traffic. Apart from a good budget, ad verification requires computing power, as it is essential to scrape through tons of data on the Internet to double-check that ads are shown correctly and on legitimate websites.

That is where Peer2Profit comes in; here’s where users can make money sharing their Internet. Want to know more? Check our next blog where we explain how exactly Peer2Profit and our users help ad industry in the process of verification!