Peer2Profit’s affiliate program: most frequently asked questions


Dear Peer2Profit user! You have got the hang of our application, learned how to sell Internet bandwidth, and after a few months of regular using it you make 10-20 dollars in 30 days. It’s obvious that you want to make more! So it’s obvious you wonder how you can make more with our platform. Well, Peer2Profit is here today to answer your question. It is time you get to know our affiliate program.

Here are the most popular questions our users ask. 

I want to earn more with Peer2Profit. How can I achieve this by selling Internet bandwidth?

On average, with the only device connected to our app you can earn from $ 2 to $ 10 per month. To earn more, you can install the app on multiple devices, connect to different Internet service providers, run the app at home, at work, etc. Leave it running during sleep hours and when you are out of the house. You’ll see a significant change in how much you generate.

Moreover, you can invite friends, acquaintances and coworkers. If they join the Peer2Profit network through your referral link, you will increase your income.

How much will I earn if I invite friends and acquaintances?

You will receive 50% of the earnings of every referral friend who you invited to join Peer2Profit. Your referral’s income won’t decrease in any way.

Where do I find more referrals to join in the system?

You can find an interesting thread or discussion, where people are interested in passive income. Leave your personal link in social media sites, instant messengers, review sites, comment boxes on blogs and forums. Don’t forget about public chats, open groups and big online communities. Use YouTube, Instagram, TikTok as platforms with a huge target audience. People are always on the lookout for easy money. Use your chance to tell them how they can profit from selling Internet bandwidth!

Also, use search by threads and discussion titles “where to buy” or “what do you recommend”. Try to post your affiliate link on the websites where people ask questions: Answerbag, Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, FunAdvice, Askville, Friendfeed, etc.

The key to successful network marketing is consistency. The more often you share your link, the more people will sign up, the more money you will see flowing in your wallet.

Give me some tips on how you can increase your income with Peer2Profit!

1. Make sure that our app is running and the Internet connection is on on your device.

2. Avoid using VPN as your earnings may decrease or stop altogether.

3. Do not let your device turn off the app in sleep mode or power saving mode.

4. Connect to a provider that offers high speed internet.

We’ve responded to the frequently asked queries that shed light on the referral system. Should you have other questions, check out other blog posts for further information or feel free to contact our support team!