Passive income with zero effort on your part


Passive income with zero effort on your part

Peer2Profit is a unique system allowing thousands of people from all over the world to get paid for their bandwidth. With us, you can set up a passive income and keep it going with zero effort on your part. The method of money-making we offer is safe, steady, and profitable provided you participate actively.

Most users take advantage of only 10% of the available capacity of their Internet connection. Peer2Profit enables everyone to make money off the remaining router’s capacity and pass it on to advertisers, marketing agencies and analytics companies. By selling Internet bandwidth you’re allowing others to use your IP address to browse the data they need for their research. We only work with verified companies who need the data allowed for search.

Our app harvests your router’s idle power, i.e. when you don’t use your connection. During sleep hours, out of house, doing homework your bandwidth rests unused, so why not get paid for it if you don’t need it anyway? So many gigabytes of your monthly data plan burn out while you can transform them into profit!

While our app runs quietly in the background, you keep up with your routine. See? You don’t have to stir a finger to earn cent by cent, dollar after dollar. Money keeps coming in to your account as you run the app. The longer it runs the more cash flows in. Once you reach the sum you want, you can withdraw it via preferable payment system.

Why Peer2Profit is better than other money-making apps?

None of them can claim safety, security or confidentiality. Read our FAQ and see for yourself what principles our systems bases on, and that we promise no data leakage from your devices. Be it a PC, a laptop or a phone where you have our app on, we use end-to-end encryption to guarantee you online security. Our users, who’ve been using the app for a couple of years, agree that it is safe and easy-to-understand. That is because we aim at simpler user experience. Peer2Profit keeps building the most powerful technology for bandwidth sharing. Whether you're selling Internet bandwidth from a smartphone or over a Wi-Fi broadband, you’ll notice how little effort it takes to figure out what’s what.

Compared to other so-called passive income sources, Peer2Profit is head and shoulders above the rest because it requires no initial investments, clear Terms of use, and can be deleted anytime. We do not ask for fees, charges, commission, and if you decide to quit, you are free to do so. The amount of money earned stays in your account, so if you make up your mind to re-install the app, you will see the same sum.

Peer2Profit is trusted by tens of thousands of users from all over the globe and our community keeps growing. Check for yourself: download it, turn it on, and start to get paid for your bandwidth! Those who began with $ 2 now make $ 1000 per month. You can too!