Passive income on vacation: how is it possible?


Summertime is a vacation time. Hot weather in the northern hemisphere makes the inhabitants of this part of the Earth move out to the country or visit other countries. It’s a possibility to spend more time with friends or relatives. Or enjoy new places, take a breath and collect your thoughts.

A common vacancy means you spend money rather than earn it. But there's a way to make money sharing your Internet. It is available anytime and anywhere, no matter what you do. Selling bandwidth for money while idle — that’s what Peer2Profit is for.

Passive income from home

To sell unused bandwidth successfully you need time and patience. You can leave your Internet devices with our app running, and take a nap in a deck chair on the beach. It will bring you some extra dollars. And the more devices are online, the more money tops up your personal account.

But this method is inconvenient if you use a laptop to sell extra bandwidth. You’ll need to leave the devices turned on while you are hitting the road or lying on the beach. 

The owners of Raspberry Pi microcomputers are more lucky. Such devices consume less electricity, but also make money sharing your Internet with the same efficiency as laptops or Macs. And a guide for selling unused bandwidth via Raspberry Pi is quite easy to learn.

Passive income while traveling

First of all, vacation means a change of scenery. Is it a sea cruise, visiting your aunt, city sightseeing or walking off the beaten track. At least two-thirds of all people prefer spending their holidays away from home to staycation. These are the findings of opinion polls conducted by American Express Travel, Bankrate, and Europ Assistance.

Traveling can not be done without a smartphone. The tablet and laptop are also our fellow travelers. So you can use them to sell bandwidth for money on the road. Be careful, using the Internet abroad through phone roaming could make you break the bank. Except for unlimited traffic rates of mobile carriers which are perfect to sell unused bandwidth.

There’s a way out, to sell extra bandwidth via Wi-Fi in hotels and airports. The main thing here is to leave the Peer2Profit app enabled as long as possible. Just keep an eye on the battery charge. Besides, relocation may increase passive income. 

So, a temporary change of residence means a change in geolocation. It affects the amount of money you make sharing your Internet. The point is that we serve as a mediator between our users selling bandwidth for money and users paying for it. These are mainly companies, analysts, and researchers. They study markets, place and check advertisements, protect their brands, etc in different areas of the world.

For maximum passive income, two conditions are needed:

  • high corporate interest in a destination where you spend a vacation
  • low number of users in this area engaged in selling bandwidth for money.

We’ve developed algorithms supervising chances for everyone to sell extra bandwidth. The total demand for bandwidth is determined by the global market. But there is a way to minimize dependence on it.

How to keep a high level of passive income?

The referral system makes passive income on the Internet stable no matter what. Simply put, you invite relatives, friends or subscribers to join Peer2Profit via your personal affiliate link. The more people will use such a link to install the app, the more money you’ll make. 

Because for all new users you’ll get a commission at the rate of 50% from the total income made by them. It is the most profitable offer on the Web. Your referral partners sell their extra bandwidth while you get bonuses. Users’ accounts aren’t involved by any means. We make all these payments as a gratitude for your participation in the development of our website. The referral system also grows due to devices with our app installed and proxies connected to your account.

As you see, you can sell extra bandwidth via cell or domestic Internet at any time of the year. And most importantly, at any place. 

Have a pleasant stay and sell more bandwidth for money!