Most desired Christmas gifts for 2023 and legit online side hustle


Peer2Profit is a legit online side hustle assisting you to make money with high speed Internet all year long. It is the type of a passive income stream that keeps your private data and devices safe. The main principle is united for any country our passive money app is presented in, such as Korea, India, United Kingdom, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates,and Italy. Sell bandwidth for money, then spend it on your needs. In anticipation of the Christmas and the New Year holidays, we focused on the most popular spendings taken place in previous years. Also some forecasts for the forthcoming Christmas are presented.

How much money do we spend on Christmas presents?

According to Statista, the estimated total spendings in December 2022 amounts to about $100 billion in the United Kingdom, and $88 billion in Germany. That includes e-commerce sales as well as profit of brick-and-mortar shops from all legit online and offline side hustles. Deloitte accountants have calculated that Americans have spent in 2021’s November-December the record sum of $886 billion. 

The great majority, 65% prefer online shopping, according to the Sitecore page. When you sell bandwidth for money, you get the earned dollars as a transaction to a bank card, in the form of cryptocurrency or as a e-wallet transfer. It is a little late to get paid for your bandwidth enough to cover spendings for Christmas, Hanukkah or Chinese New Year gifts. But you certainly can run our passive money app now to get $3-11 from a single device every month while idle. Every new member of your referral community and device connected raises the total income of yours.

Which goods are most popular on holidays?

The obvious characteristic of foot traffic and online marketplaces is that groceries and beverages prevail over other categories. No matter where you are, in France, Korea or Spain, the New Year celebrations demand organizing a festive table. So drinks and food sales rose in 2021 three times before Christmas. The chocolate and candies are popular as a stand-alone gift or a pleasant supplement to the main gift in half of US inhabitants.

Financial institutions, analytical agencies, and the largest e-commerce players gather statistics on sales. Thanks to Deloitte, Statista, Finances Online and other resources we can name the most popular retail categories on Christmas eve. These are:

  1. Clothes, shoes, and accessories
  2. Electronics
  3. Toys, games and hobby supplies
  4. Furniture and home design
  5. Sporting goods, health and beauty products.

What are the most desired and common gifts?

Pajamas, hoodies and underwear are popular items in the clothes category. In the US one of three customers obtains this clothes as a present, following from the research conducted by OnePoll. Speaking of accessories, luxury handbags are in the highest demand at this time of year, adds Salesforce. 

We also know about the prominence of vacation traveling on the example of Italy. 31% of Statista respondents there expressed a desire to get trips or flight tickets as a gift. You can have a legit online side hustle during a stay on vacation in Italy, India  or the United Arab Emirates. Make money sharing your Internet anywhere the Web is, and use any devices available. As regards the devices, people dream of Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles, Apple products and new smartphones, according to the Google Trends service. Christmas lights and electronic decorations are indeed popular, as much as home products, from robotic vacuums to electric toothbrushes (31% of customers get it, assures the NPD statistics company).

Several holiday trends

  • The most online purchases are made through mobile devices.

From 52 to 70% people bought goods for the 2022 New Year from smartphones and tablets (NOSTO, Adobe statistics). Peer2Profit is a passive money app available both on desktops/laptops and mobile gadgets.

  • Men like shopping as much as women do. And are even more wasteful.

Last year men spent $725 on average against $609 spent by women, as calculated by MuchNeeded.

  • Every second present on the last Christmas in the US was a gift card, or a sum of money, according to research by OnePoll.

Gift cards for stores, offline and online services are still popular. And selling bandwidth for money helps to obtain any card to present it remotely or deliver it personally on the Christmas and New Year eve.

The tradition of giving presents at the end of the year is both ancient and pleasant. Sell unused bandwidth throughout the year with Peer2Profit to earn some additional money to spare on your loved ones.