Make money with Big Data


Peer2Profit helps you to sell unused bandwidth to different companies for sharing huge amounts of data, or "Big Data". In this article, you can learn what Big Data means, one example of a Big Data application, and how you can make money by sharing your internet with it.

What is Big Data?  

The term Big Data refers to a huge array of information and technologies for searching, processing and applying unstructured information in huge size.

There are five main "V's" of Big Data:

  • Volume: the size of the information is the first feature that determines whether we can consider it Big Data. In most cases terabytes of data mean it. That is more than the HDD of computers and all your friends. 
  • Velocity: this means the speed of generating data. Big data is formed in real time from sensors, transaction information, consumer online activity, etc.
  • Variety: big data is produced by a great amount of resources with high speed. As a result, we have semi-structured or unstructured information. Analysis and structuring this data is another challenge for data specialists.
  • Veracity: this characteristic means truthfulness or quality of collected information and defines the following data property.
  • Value: an analysis of information should lead to significant results: financial forecast, evaluation of outer space, effectiveness of medical research. 

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Big Data versus fraud 

Before you learn how to sell internet bandwidth, you should know about one of the most important uses of big data. This is the fight against fraud. 

As the number of online purchases, payments and money transfers increases, so do the risks of fraud that can affect these activities. In order to instantly respond to suspicious activity, it is necessary to quickly and efficiently analyze huge amounts of data. Big Data is becoming the main tool for protecting consumer finances.

Big data analysis for fraud prevention relies on pattern analysis to detect outliers or suspicious trends. This data includes information such as customer income, typical spending patterns, credit status, and other factors characterizing the financial activities of clients. When the system detects suspicious activity, the expert investigating the activity can decide whether it was false or not. In addition, financial experts use machine learning fraud data to predict potential future fraud patterns.

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Get paid for your bandwidth with Big Data and Peer2Profit

Big Data requires a lot of traffic to transfer large amounts of information at high speeds. And you can make money sharing your internet with companies that need it. 

Peer2Profit works with truthful and reliable partners: advertisers, IT agencies, marketing and analytical companies. Our app sells unused bandwidth to them. You get paid for each sold gigabyte. 

To start using our application, you need to follow five steps:

  1. sign up with the system,
  2. download our app,
  3. install it on your devices (it is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac-OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h),
  4. launch it,
  5. enter your email and stay online to get paid for your bandwidth.

Then you make money sharing your internet. We do not ask for your personal bank details. You give us only a preferable payout method. Average monthly payment is $8.33. 

You can get paid more for your bandwidth by installing the app on more than one device, sharing referral links with other people (friends, colleagues, subscribers or your social network). 

If you have any questions about how to sell internet bandwidth or difficulties with using our app, contact our support service.