Make money sharing your Internet and help ad industry!


Make money sharing your Internet and help ad industry!

Let’s continue with the topic of ad verification. What is ad verification in the first place? It is a process letting advertisers check the integrity of their ads. Thus they make sure the ads are shown correctly on legitimate websites.

There is a lot of fraud on the Internet. The Web is getting bigger and more people want easy money. Fraud, spam and scam prevent honest people from earning stable and steady money. As fraudulent websites grow in number, advertisers find their ads on them, which means that they are placed in an incorrect place and form. Money gets wasted.

Misplaced ads decrease a company’s total revenue. The ad campaign loses effectiveness. As a result, a company has to start it again, risking its money. Want particular figures? According to an ad agency statistics, ad fraud costs businesses about $10 billion in lost revenue. And that’s per year! Therefore, ad placement is of highest priority as it affects conversion rates.

  • Ad verification is a task for advertising agencies. Businesses turn to them for help. 

  • Ad agencies track verification tags on ads (called beacons) to make sure the publisher’s page fits for the ad and has a correct form. 

  • Ad verification agencies collect this data and send it to the company they collaborate with.

  • Company makes a decision about ad placement, performance, budget etc. 

Ultimately, the purpose of ad verification is to increase the overall conversion rate.

What does Peer2Profit do to help ad verification agencies?

Ad verification takes a lot of computing resources as ad verification agencies have to scrape through thousands of gigabytes of Internet data to check on ads. Peer2Profit helps these agencies by providing them with residential proxy network infrastructure. It is what they need to run ad verification campaigns.

Here is your part in it all and the way you can make money sharing your Internet

First, you download our app, install it, run it on your PC or other device. The app rents that part of your bandwidth that is idle. It allocates it to third-party computing applications. These agencies use your Internet data (with your IP address) and pay you a set amount for each Gb. Rates and prices on our website display how much money you can make sharing your Internet:

  • Business 0.3 per 1Gb,

  • Cellular 1 per 1Gb,

  • Hosting 0.3 per 1Gb,

  • Residential 0.8 per 1Gb,

  • Other 0.3 per 1Gb.

Let us repeat, Peer2Profit rents extra bandwidth, not the bandwidth you use! You only sell your Internet when it’s idle (during sleep, when out of the house, doing housework etc.). 

And finally, our users help ad industry!

Peer2Profit marshals the utility of crowdsourcing and cloud computing to provide data networks to trusted third-party companies. A regular Peer2Profit user gets their fair share for every gigabyte of data processed. Sharing your Internet, you make money and help agencies with their ad campaigns. Globally, you’re helping to create a better online experience for users!