Make money with high speed internet for passive income


Make money with high speed Internet for passive income

Peer2Profit offers the easiest option for passive income. All you need to make money with high speed Internet is to sell extra bandwidth. You can earn good cash by simply giving off extra gigabytes of your connection to who really needs them: marketing agencies, banks, social networks, search engines, etc. Your income can reach up to $ 1,000 per month. But first, what is bandwidth and why is it being sold?

What is bandwidth

Basically, bandwidth is the amount of internet speed you have for use. So you can imagine a low bandwidth as a one way road, and a high bandwidth as a multilane highway. 

If we survey how users spend Internet bandwidth, we will see that 90% of the Wi-Fi power remains un-used, let alone nighttime when we are asleep and the devices are idle, or the hours when we are out of the house. Smart people though choose to take advantage of it, and sell extra bandwidth. To make money with high speed Internet you don’t need to invest and leak no personal information.

Peer2Profit is ready to buy your bandwidth in exchange for money. You sell extra gigabytes while other users or companies use it. With your connection they often operate to sell their services to VPNs, CDNs, and video transcoding sites.

That’s how it works:

We rent the un-used bandwidth, which you pay for every month, giving you money.

  1. You get paid for monitoring the software’s work, keeping it functional, distributing and extending the network.
  2. You do need to do something anyway.
  3. We do not pay for nothing, but experience will help you buy back the time pretty soon. In just 2-3 months of experience you’ll start to make money for passive income up to at least $ 100 per month.

Peer2Profit's pros

Unlike other apps, Peer2Profit works on all platforms: Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Android smartphones. Other benefits of the app:

-Easy-to-use controls,

-Uses your bandwidth/CPU to serve content. 

-Secure, completely encrypted, and doesn't have access to your personal files or data in any way.

-Payment methods: Webmoney, Visa, Bitcoins, ЮMoney, MasterCard, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet.

In addition to suitability for all operating systems, Peer2Profit offers data encryption. It is used to hide personal information from unauthorized persons and provide, at the same time, authorized users access to it. In their Personal Account our users have access to the transparent statistics of their referrals. The more people join as referrals, the more money one makes with high speed Internet!