Location — why is it important for your income?


Working with Peer2Profit is easy, right? It takes seconds to sign up, download our application, install, and run it. As long as you reside in the same country, same city and same house, you have few to no questions how the tool works. You open the app — you make money sharing your Internet. But what happens when you move houses, or travel abroad on vacation, or go out to eat? When you use the app in a different location, you suddenly see that it works differently. 

Some of our users have noticed that whenever they take Peer2Profit on a business trip, their income varies. Very often, it changes significantly. Say, at home your monthly earnings are 100 dollars whereas on a trip to another country it decreases twice. Rest assured, it’s not because you’ve done something wrong, it’s due to the change of geolocation. Your income varies from place to place. Read our FAQ and Terms of use carefully to see how the system works.

So what’s with my location?

With Peer2Profit you make money sharing your Internet. Because there are companies on one end, and user on the other, here rules the law of supply and demand. Some of our business clients take advantage of location-specific traffic. When you go out to a café or visit relatives in the countryside, it makes little difference to your traffic’s overall value. But what changes in those cases is your IP address. Because of this you may see a higher income.

Overall, your income depends on the location and the amount of data required for the network to work. The amount of Internet traffic varies all the time, which affects your income directly. If the network requires Internet traffic from your country or city, then you will earn more. However, please take into account that the amount of Internet traffic keeps changing. Moreover, your ISP or city might not be popular in our network.

A serious impact on your income is when there are a large number of people in your area share the Internet. This is why in densely populated countries, regions, and spots our users make less money. India and China are densely-populated places so no wonder traffic rates are lower there. Supply and demand is a human-related, not automatic, point, but Peer2Profit keeps working to balance out the system. Our aim is to reward the users as equally as possible. 

If you want to earn more, you can achieve this!

There are a couple of ways you can make more money sharing your Internet with Peer2Profit:

1. Make sure the app is running for as long as possible. Do not let your device turn off the application in sleep mode or power saving mode.

2. Connect to a provider that offers high speed Internet.

3. Install the app on multiple devices connected to different IP addresses.

Also, do not forget that you can always re-balance your income through the referral system. If you’ve seen a drop in your money while sharing your Internet, you can always make up for it with our affiliate program. Share your link actively so it brings new referrals. You will receive 50% of the earnings of every referral friend who you invited to join Peer2Profit.