Listen to music and make money on it: is it possible?


To sell bandwidth for money is a way to get a constant passive income. It suits users of different ages with different employment statuses and lifestyles. You can maximize profits of making money with high speed Internet by taking a part-time job. Or you can make money by any favorite activities: one of them is listening to music. Today we’ll talk about web sites that pay for listening to music online, and we’ll try to understand, is it a way worth trying? Or better make money sharing your Internet?

Mode & Current 

This program has two separate apps. “Current” is the name of the app for iOS, and “Mode” is installed on Android.

This is the most popular app on the Web to get passive income by listening to music. You are able to choose from 100,000+ radio stations. There’s a choice between music genres. The more time you spend on listening to music, the more you earn. You may increase your earnings by answering questions, downloading suggested applications, watching ads and music videos. 

You can withdraw what you have earned through PayPal. So the use of apps is limited by geolocation, ‘cause some regions don't use PayPal as a payment method. However, it’s still a convenient way to listen to music for free. And it is possible to sell bandwidth for money simultaneously with using Current (or Mode) by running the Peer2Profit app.


On this site you get points for every 15 minutes of listening to music. It is similar to the Current / Mode applications, with the difference that RadioEarn is only available as an Internet site. But there are more ways to withdraw money earned. There are transfers to bank cards, getting Amazon gift cards or getting bitcoins. Be noticed that users have been complaining about difficulties with withdrawing money from this service lately.


This site (no web app available) is another way to make money with high speed Internet. The web page is focused on searching for the new hits. Therefore, it invites users to listen to new compositions before their release. You’re offered to make money not by sharing your Internet, but by sharing your views on songs you’ve heard. You’re awarded with payout points. The playlists include both young indie bands and famous musicians, who want to hear the views about their new material. 

The advantage of HitPredictor is the ability to hear new tracks before others do it, and to feel involved in the music production market. The disadvantages include low payments and the inability to withdraw money as you want. Payouts aren’t available for bank cards or payment systems. Points earned here are offered to spend on gift cards or certificates.


It is also a website, not an app. Here you get paid to write music reviews. You can express your opinion not only about the track itself, but also about the record label, or even evaluate the artist's outfits.

The amount of earnings is comparable to the money you make sharing your Internet. But in the case of our app, nothing needs to be done. How much you can get with Slicethepie depends on the number of reviews, their quality, and the music genre you're writing about. On average, one text brings you from $0.03 to 0.15. This service is useful for those who are ready not only to sell bandwidth for money, but rather to improve writing skills.


It is a service focused on active Spotify users. You should have at least a thousand followers for any playlist you’ve created. Then you can register for a participation in this program. 

You’ll get songs for review. You don’t have to add these tracks to the playlist, but to write some words about it. Depending on the popularity of your playlist, the number of subscribers, and their activity, you can count on the amount from $1.25 to $15 for a review. 

So be prepared to update your Spotify playlists regularly to have more active listeners. Your playlists must comply with some requirements. No lists based on one band, or one artist’s songs. No playlists compiled of tracks from one time period, e.g. 90’s or 2010’s. Also your subscribers must be real, no bots allowed. Only the one who meets these requirements is allowed to be a curator and write reviews. Due to all these restrictions and demands, we offer you a better way to make money with high speed Internet.


Our application is not intended for listening to music. It was created so that you could make money sharing your Internet. It’s the best way to sell unused bandwidth. 

You don’t need to put a lot of effort to get paid for your bandwidth. You simply install the app on all devices you want to and leave it be. No need to write reviews, listen to unpleasant music, and constantly control the program, proving that you are online and you listen to playlists.

Our app runs in the background, doesn’t consume a lot of resources, and has no access to your personal data. It sells unused bandwidth wherever you want. All you need is a Wi-Fi, or mobile Internet connection. We do not promise you the moon and the stars. But your passive income made with Peer2Profit grows while the number of devices and your referrals is increasing. And, last but not least, you can withdraw your money earned any time you want. Make a transfer to your Visa or Mastercard, use any cryptocurrency wallets, or Payeer account.

We do our best to make the selling of unused bandwidth safe, comfortable and profitable. So why not try our app?