List of ways to make money sharing your internet


Peer2Profit is a platform where users can sell bandwidth for money and earn passive income from computer. In this article, we will briefly discuss the options to earn money from traffic, so that users can choose a profitable and convenient option for themselves.

List of options with Peer2Profit

You can earn money from traffic in the following ways:

  • earn passive income from computer, smartphone and other available devices;
  • sell bandwidth for money using proxy servers;
  • affiliate program.

Consider separately each of the methods of earning.

Earn passive income from available devices

We offer users to start their acquaintance with making a profit from the sale of unused network connection with this option. To start earning, you need to follow the instructions for registering, installing and launching the application:

  1. sign up with the platform,
  2. download and install the application,
  3. launch the application with your login and leave the device online.

To understand how the application works, first install it on your smartphone or computer. Look in the monitoring window to see how the connection to the network is being sold. Based on the internet traffic selling indicator, the user has access to an independent assessment of the expected profit.

In order to earn passive income not only from computer, it is advisable to install the application on several devices: a router, smartphones of family members. If the rules at the user's workplace allow installation of personal applications on the work computer, install the Peer2Profit application at the workplace as well. So you not only guarantee the continuity of the sale of a connection to the network, but also increase the number of IPs through which the sale takes place, which increases your own income.

Similarly, users earn more by installing the app on devices of family and friends, if they are willing to help you earn extra money in this way.

Sell bandwidth for money through a proxy server

When a user is not familiar with the work of proxy servers, the possibility of making money through them looks like a difficult and incomprehensible task.

Having understood the theory on your own or with the help of our support service, it becomes obvious that users can sell bandwidth for money through a proxy in the same way as through a personal computer. The difference is in the way you connect and work with the proxy itself. When you earn money from traffic using a proxy, the benefit is the sale of internet traffic in regions where it is in demand and brings a lot of profit.

Our support team will help you with the proxy server and configuring the application on the proxy.

Peer2Profit's affiliate program

The affiliate program will be of interest to those users who want to earn money from traffic by attracting new users on their own.

Each user has the opportunity to join the affiliate program. A personal referral link is available in the monitoring window. A new user who came through this link becomes your referral. We multiply the income of each referral by 150% and give 50% to the partner. Thus, the referral receives the same income as the user outside the affiliate program. We consider this a fair and beneficial solution for all involved.

Members of the affiliate program find the first referrals among subscribers on social networks, on forums and in groups where they discuss how to sell bandwidth for money. If promotion on social networks is unfamiliar to the user, it is worth inviting relatives and friends as the first referrals. If you haven't installed our app on your devices yet.

Each of the options is able to bring the user earn passive income from computer, proxy server or devices of users attracted through participation in the affiliate program. Any combination and simultaneous use of earning options with Peer2Profit is available to all users of the platform. We do not set limits on the number of devices used, proxy servers or referrals attracted.

If any of the options to earn money from traffic causes difficulties or questions, you have the opportunity to read additional information on our blog or ask questions about these topics to the support service.