List of reasons to buy bandwidth


Through the Peer2Profit platform, users have the opportunity to make money selling bandwidth. One of the frequently asked questions of new users is why buy bandwidth.

In this article, we will briefly look at what bandwidth is, how to sell internet bandwidth, and most importantly, we will talk about what tasks buying it solves.

When users first learn that they can sell unused bandwidth, they are interested in answers to the questions “What is it?” and “How to sell internet bandwidth?”. Following this, users are concerned about the question “Who buys it and for what purpose?”.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth, throughput or transmission capacity is the amount of information transmitted per unit of time. Usually measured in megabits per second. Sometimes confusion arises when throughput is considered a limit in gigabytes, which is provided by the ISP for a month, or data transfer speed.

When users make money selling bandwidth, they are giving away an unnecessary portion of their internet connection. This part of the throughput goes to create a proxy network for our platform. A proxy network assembled from small portions of the user's transmission capacity has two features:

  • the total throughput allows you to transfer terabytes and petabytes of data through it;
  • connecting the user helps you to "see" the Network as the user sees it.

These features of the proxy network are the basis for solving the business tasks of transmission capacity buyers — our corporate clients represented by companies and business communities. We apply KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) standards when selecting throughput buyers. In accordance with the standards, our platform adheres to a limited list of legitimate purposes for which the sale of transmission capacity is allowed.

Price comparison

Comparing the prices of competitors' similar products helps companies analyze how much they should charge for their own product or service. If the price does not pay off the production of goods, this is an occasion to think about the modernization of production.

Price comparison also reveals negative price manipulations:

  • monopolization, when in any region the manufacturer sets an inflated price due to the lack of competitors;
  • dumping is the deliberate reduction of prices to promote a product quickly.


To find the Peer2Profit website, just enter “make money selling bandwidth” in the search engine. We are working to ensure that, for such requests, the user has the opportunity to see our site in the first lines of the search.

It is important for companies that when searching for certain queries, a potential client sees their site on the first page of a search engine. For this, search engine optimization or SEO is systematically carried out. SEO is the work with the site and its content, thanks to which the site will be on the first page of search results.

Seeing your site through the eyes of a potential client is an important part of SEO. For the sake of this opportunity, companies are ready to buy throughput.

Brand protection

Brand protection means detecting plagiarism in website content, logo or products. Using a proxy network allows companies to quickly find fakes and take the necessary legal action to combat plagiarists.

Advertising analytics

The ability to see the Network from the computer of platform users helps companies to analyze the display of advertising, the adequacy of the count of banner and video views, and to identify fraudulent attempts by advertising producers.

Collection of data from open sources

Depending on the profile of the company, certain data are of interest. For example, the exchange rate and securities are important to financial institutions. Data analysis helps to understand the current market situation and make a forecast.

The described purposes of using proxy networks are completely legal and ethically acceptable. By becoming a user of the platform, you help companies improve websites, improve product quality, generate adequate price statistics, analyze data, fight fraud, fakes and plagiarism. It is fair to receive rewards for participating in solving such tasks. Therefore, when you sell unused bandwidth with Peer2Profit, it generates income for every gigabyte passed through the connection to the Network.

If you have any questions about how to sell internet bandwidth, we recommend that you read other articles on our blog or contact support.