How you get paid for your bandwidth with Peer2Profit


How you get paid for your bandwidth with Peer2Profit

A standard home router can handle up to 16 devices. Even if you use connection for Internet TV, two laptops and four smartphones at the same time, part of your IT channel will remain idle. Unused internet gigabytes can be sold. With Peer2Profit you get paid for your bandwidth. 

This is how our program works: it enables individuals, communities and online businesses to rent out part of their IT channels and charge a sum per gigabyte. Today, businesses require a stable inflow of relevant data, which is not easy because IP addresses are geographically bound. They can get these IP addresses from the Peer2profit users. Companies pay willingly for IPs. This is how our users get paid for each gigabyte of connection.

What you need to know to get paid for your bandwidth

Say, a company from Florida needs to know the price of earpods in California for a Chicagoan. To know this information the company has to reside strictly in California. And what if this business owner needs to know the prices in many US states and towns? Or maybe he wants to sell earpods all over Europe as well? Imagine how much time and effort it will cost them!

This is where Peer2profit comes handy. With our help, major manufacturers, stores, research institutions, individuals, etc. get relevant statistics, are ready to pay a good one for an opportunity to obtain relevant information without location binding. In return, the one who distributes their bandwidth, gets paid for it. A sum of money arrives into Peer2profit account and can be withdrawn anytime.

To sum it up

  • Average monthly/yearly Internet data plan payment: $6.37/$76.38.
  • Average channel use: 10% of available bandwidth.
  • More than 35 devices (phones, laptops, etc.) operating simultaneously can show a comfortably speedy IT connection.

Choose Peer2Profit and convert the remaining 90% of bandwidth to nice profit. Use our affiliate program to get paid even more for each new user as they sell their unused bandwidth!