How to turn your traffic to a passive income


How to turn your traffic into a passive income

Is it possible to increase your income by using only your computer, or working on an office laptop, or doing your daily activities, or even while sleeping? What if we say yes? It is quite possible to get passive income if you spend some time practicing. Just by learning how to sell Internet bandwidth, you will start earning, and over time, you will significantly increase your profit!

Peer2Profit offers a way to monetize your traffic and benefit from selling Internet bandwidth in 2021. We've done most of the work for you, so all you have to do is download our app, open it, launch it, and continue with your daily activities. There are no hidden tricks here, and anyone can easily make money by selling idle gigabytes of their data plan without risking their online safety!

How to sell your traffic with Peer2Profit?

1. Sign up to a system.

2. Download and install the application on your device.

3. Provide your e-mail when you launch the app.

4. The application is running. When it is working, don't turn it off!

5. Just wait for your first dollars to drop on your account.

About the app

  • Our app is available for Android smartphones, Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS.

  • You can get your money with: Webmoney, Visa, Bitcoins, YooMoney, MasterCard, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet.

Thanks to Peer2Profit, everyone can significantly increase their earnings. If you want to know how to sell unused Internet bandwidth and earn up to $1, 000 per month, try our affiliate program. We pay you for each referral user you invite. The wider your network, the higher your income!

How to get even more money? Invite more referrals and monetize your traffic! Send your referral link to colleagues, friends and family so that they know about the app, download and launch it on their devices. Attract more users through social networks, Youtube channels, podcasts, forums and chats. Thus, more and more people will use your referral link and start selling free traffic. And for SMM specialists, our affiliate system is a great opportunity to launch advertising campaigns and practice their marketing skills!