How to sell mobile bandwidth: 7 main advantages of Peer2Profit


Our blog is dedicated to making money with high speed internet. Peer2Profit helps to sell unused bandwidth with no need to invest money, effort or time. The installed app sells extra bandwidth you don’t use. 

According to statistics, the regular users need only 10% of the traffic they’ve already paid for. You can get paid for any of your bandwidth. No matter, was it provided by a domestic Internet service provider or a cellular company. This article tells how to sell mobile bandwidth for money.

How is mobile traffic sold?

The basics consists of three phases:

  • Download and install the app from our website or using online stores (Google Play, App Market, etc.)
  • Launch the app and enter an email address
  • Leave the app running for as long as possible.

The process and features are similar to those that are used to sell unused bandwidth through the domestic Internet. Despite the fact that the connection is established via mobile carrier. 

As you see, a smartphone, tablet or laptop can get paid for both domestic and mobile bandwidth. In the first case they connect to the Web via a domestic Internet service provider (ISP). And the second way involves using mobile carriers. In case devices use a SIM card or USB modem.

Advantages of selling extra mobile bandwidth

1. The highest income

It is most profitable to engage in making money by sharing your mobile Internet. The traffic transmitted through our system is paid more than that realized through domestic or office Internet. You get $1 per 1 GB of traffic used by our clients.

2. Versatility

You can monetize mobile traffic anywhere the cell towers are. You don’t need Wi-Fi or wired LAN Internet to sell extra bandwidth.

3. Safety

The Peer2Profit app doesn’t affect any personal data. It has no access to the smartphone's camera nor the browser history. It can't load any malware to your device. To make sure of it just check the permission list our app asks for. Use your notebook, smartphone or tablet PC as you used to do. And sell unused bandwidth at the same time. Unlike the advertised cryptocurrency mining software, our app doesn’t load the CPU or GPU of the device.

4. Simplicity

Install the app and enter the email address you registered account to. What could be easier? Press the start button, and the money-making process with high speed Internet starts. 

It will take two or three days before your personal account begins to replenish noticeably. The app works automatically, it needs no constant monitoring. Due to its simple architecture it works smoothly. For certain smartphones (such as Xiaomi), you’ll need to check the background performance.

5. Convenience

The control panel is available in just two clicks. Statistics and a referral link are both situated in one window. You can use a web interface or launch an automatic bot in Telegram. It serves a quick access to all features, to the technical support as to the ability to withdraw money. Sell extra bandwidth and get money for it anytime. Transfers to bank cards and to cryptocurrency accounts are available.

6. Permanence

Tablets and smartphones are always with us. The laptop has become the main tool in home offices and open spaces a long ago. There’s no more issues to sell unused bandwidth. You can turn on and off the app anytime. It depends only on the amount of bandwidth you want to get paid for.

7. Rapid income growth

Mobile devices keep you online with friends, family, associates, and followers. Psot your referral link in social networks to share your referral link. All users registering via this link on our site will bring you 50% of their income. Of course, they lose nothing. We pay you a commission equivalent to half of the money they make with high speed internet. It’s a gratitude for the role you play in the development of our service.

Getting paid for your bandwidth can’t make you filthy rich in no time. But it’s a reliable constant income replenishing a personal account every minute you keep Peer2Profit app turnt on. 

Have a good day and make easy money with high speed internet!