How to recognize a fake mobile app: 7 easy ways


The market of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets is huge. Google Play contains more than 3 million applications, and 2 million are available in the App Store. It’s easy to make a mistake and download a malicious program instead of the original. For those who want to know how to sell Internet bandwidth, we recommend using links only at the official Peer2Profit page. After a simple registration procedure in your personal account, you will see the correct links to download the official applications of our service for different platforms. All of them allow you to make money sharing your Internet without difficulty.

Where do fake apps come from?

The Apple Store and the Google Play Store review apps before putting them on their virtual shelves. First, computer algorithms are engaged in verification, and then real people check the computer’s decision. Up to 500 employees can be involved in the verification of one program, and this process takes up to seven days. 

However, even in this case, errors are possible: last year, a fake clone of the popular WhatsApp messenger was downloaded more than a million times. The application looked authentic and passed all the checks. It’s an exceptional case, but it also proves that you are the one who takes care of your safety best. Today you’ll learn how to recognize fake apps, use them safely and sell extra bandwidth.

Why are fake apps dangerous?

Such a program may contain malicious code capable of the following actions (in various combinations):

  • spread malware taking control over your smartphone, tablet and so on (backdoor applications),
  • steal your personal data, as well as logins and passwords stored on the device,
  • show unwanted ads instead of assisting you to make money sharing your Internet,
  • turn your device into a spam-sending machine, and not the making-money at selling extra bandwidth machine,
  • block the device, demanding a ransom for the removal of restrictions,
  • install a cryptocurrency mining software that will slow down your device, and eventually lead it to a breakdown.

How to reveal a fraud app

  1. Before clicking the "Install" button, look carefully through the application page. If you have learned how to sell Internet bandwidth at our web page, and then clicked a link to Google Play that’s OK. It also works for app stores created and led by hardware companies (Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.). If you’ve found a link on a third-party site promising you a way to get paid for your bandwidth, and then made your way through it at the software marketplace, be careful though.
  2. First, make sure that the website itself is an authorized source, and you are really at the Google online store, and not Oogle or Gogle. Now you should enter the name of the app in the search bar. If there are many variants of it, it means you should continue your checks carefully.
  3. Look for oddities in the name of the app, and/or the name of its developer. E.g. the letter “O” could be replaced by “0“ (zero). Don’t forget, the app you need to sell extra bandwidth is called “Peer2Profit - Earn Money” created by Peer2Profit LLC.
  4. Check the download counter. The more people have downloaded the app, the better it is. An excellent indicator is +100,000 downloads.
  5. Pay attention to the app’s ranking. An overly low average score of three stars or less may indicate problems running an app. So an app promising you to get paid for your bandwidth will go back on its word.
  6. Read reviews. They may contain valuable information about the incompatibility of the application with a certain type of device, or possible bugs. Be skeptical about both positive and negative comments. A good sign of a reliable trustworthy application is the developers responding to user comments.
  7. Check out the technical information of an app. Look through a section of permissions that the app requires to run. A fake app pretending to be the one that knows how to sell Internet bandwidth could ask for access to your personal data, photos section or your browser history. Such permissions seem unrelated to its purpose. 

The real Peer2Profit app will never do it. The app needed to make money sharing your Internet wants to receive information about Wi-Fi and network connections. It also needs to run at startup and prevent devices from sleeping to get you paid for your bandwidth as well as possible.

Peer2Profit guarantees your data safety. We support your desire to sell unused bandwidth and make passive income by it. Therefore, we urge you to be careful, download and install our app for your devices from the official website. Use the "Download / Install" section available shortly after you register. In case of doubts, please contact our technical support to be informed about everything you need to use our app.