How to make money with proxies


Our blog is devoted to passive income and making money with high speed Internet. We’ve repeatedly talked about ways to top up the wallet both on the Internet and offline. Today we’ll talk about how to sell unused bandwidth, and what are the ways to make money with proxies.

Proxy: what is it?

A proxy server is an intermediary device between you and web pages. After clicking on the link, the PC or smartphone sends a request to the Internet. This signal doesn’t immediately reach the site, but first passes through the proxy. 

So the page you are looking for interacts not with the user, but with an intermediate server. And then it responds to the request. As a result, the user safely gets to the desired site, but anonymously. No one on the Internet knows his identity. The proxy hides the location, characteristics of the device, and much more.

Personal data is used by the web page to display advertisements in most cases. But also it can be used:

  • by providers and governments to restrict access to the Internet resources considered undesirable
  • by hackers and scammers to steal users' personal data, hijack a device, run malware on it, etc.

That’s what proxies protect us from.

Ways to make money with proxies

Proxies may and should serve as a source to make money with high speed Internet. You can set up a proxy server yourself, or buy proxies from trusted proxy providers. Let us name some ways to sell extra bandwidth through your proxies. You can:

  • Place ads on a proxy website

Users need proxies to hide their real IP addresses. And they are willing to pay for it. But to organize a paid proxy service you need to get permission from officials, get certified software, and register it. Not to mention professional skills required. 

But you can create a free proxy server on a website. Then you’ll place ads there, and get paid for your advertising bandwidth through Pay-per-click or Cost per impression models. It’s a legal and profitable business. But you need to get along with web and marketing technologies anyway.

  • Test website security

Selling extra bandwidth through ads is only one way to get income with proxies. Another one is to provide a proxy for DDoS tests. It is a method hackers use to attack websites. Crooks send a large number of requests to the webpage simultaneously to break through its defense. Therefore, system administrators test their own web resources to peak loads. To do this, they need proxies, and you just have some. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires specialized software and technical knowledge to run tests.

  • Search for information on the Web

Since you can make money with high speed working together with sites, you can help their owners some other way. It is finding information on the Internet.

Web markets and online stores require knowledge of competitors to reach success. Therefore, the owners of these pages study as much as they can about other companies and the ways they promote their goods. 

Data is collected from websites through special robotic algorithms, parsers. Due to the volumetric web data flow, it is distributed over several channels. These channels are proxies. They sell unused bandwidth and protect business processes from getting restricted or stopped. It’s how proxies help to develop business activity and make money for you with high speed Internet.

  • Earn by selling extra bandwidth

It’s the most simple way to get paid for your bandwidth with a proxy. It doesn’t require any professional knowledge, nor time. You simply connect available proxies to Peer2Profit.

The thing is there are several ways to sell unused bandwidth via our website.

1. The first one is to connect as many devices to your personal account as possible. You can use desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, and USB modems. 

The longer they stay online, the more you get paid for your bandwidth.

2. The second way to sell unused bandwidth is to develop a personal referral network. 

It means asking everyone to join the traffic monetization system via affiliate link with a unique code. 

The more users install our free app via your link, the higher your passive income will be. You get half of the money your referral partners make. They don’t lose a cent, because we replenish your personal account with an amount equivalent to 50% of your partners’ earnings. It’s a commission for helping to develop the referral network. Minimum withdrawal threshold is $2.

3. The third way to make more money sharing your Internet is to use proxies.

Proxy servers are devices connected to the Internet. It’s enough to sell bandwidth for money. Proxies don’t require an app installed. Follow our manual to connect a proxy (or the whole proxy pool) to your account. The number of such connections is unlimited.

The good news is that you can use proxies with the Peer2Profit system in conjunction with any methods listed above. So you’ll make more money with high speed Internet while idle. Invite friends and connect proxies to raise income.

Stay in touch to learn more about passive income and have a nice day!