How to make money on mobile proxies


The Internet in 2022 offers many answers to the question of how to sell internet bandwidth. Earlier we talked about Big Data technology, the development of which began in 2011. It allows us to accumulate and analyze the information about all spheres of social life. And helps Internet users to earn money by selling traffic as well.

Today we’ll talk about another technology widespread in the World Wide Web, so-called mobile proxies. These are intermediary devices connected to mobile carriers processing user requests.

E.g. the user enters the address of a web page into the browser. Proxy accepts the request and sends it to the desired page pretending to be an end-user device. So the server sees an IP address of the proxy, not the original user. 

It makes data exchange more secure, and allows you as a proxy owner to count on a reward for such a service. You make money sharing your internet, while users enjoy secured and even faster data transferring. 

Mobile proxies are useful for advertising and online stores management. If you have mobile proxies, you can make money with high speed internet twice as much as you usually make.

Mobile proxies for advertising

The advertising market promotes goods and services via the Internet. Manufacturers and consumers rarely locate in the same area, e.g. same city or even country. So ads of cosmetics, apartments or food supplements, etc. should be shown in the particular geolocation with the target audience.

If the advertising agency runs a campaign in a distant city, it won’t see its own ads. So it needs to connect to the web through devices located in the same place where the target audience is. Proxies help to do it. So businesses can see and check their Internet ads the way the client sees it. They rent proxies allowing proxy owners to make money on Internet traffic.

Software developers take the same approach while proxies are used to sell bandwidth for money. And programmers check how the software and apps look and work on real devices.

Mobile proxies for SMM

Social Media Marketing (SMM) needs to run accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers in Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Their creators pay a lot of time and effort to succeed. They not only create interesting content, but also track the subscribers’ reactions and total amount of them, and try to maximize the number of likes and reposts. 

It’s an essential part of SMM. Doing it researchers send thousands of requests per second to the social network from the same laptop. Websites interpret such a flow of data as spam, and ban accounts or IP addresses. To avoid it they need splitting requests across multiple channels via mobile proxies. So you as the intermediary can make money sharing your Internet via proxies.

Proxy owners know how to sell internet bandwidth via proxies to those who increase the accounts’ popularity. Each proxy is assigned a separate profile on the social network. And through these profiles, SMM experts increase the audience of a fashion brand, get “likes” for the profiles of musicians, TV stars, and brands.

Besides, Copyright holders are fighting with unlicensed and “off-label” use of their products. To spot them brand representatives access the Internet from the point of view of the target audience. Access points all over the world are used for this. And again, there’s no need to visit another area personally if you can establish a connection via mobile proxies. Looking for copyright violators shows us how to sell internet bandwidth with a proxy owned.

Mobile proxies for passive income

The approaches of making money sharing your Internet via proxies have something in common. All these methods are hard to realize without special knowledge and technical equipment.

You need to sort out mobile proxy settings to set and run them, advertise and sell them as well to sell proxy bandwidth for money. Or hire someone capable of doing it and lose the main profit of making money with high speed internet. You need hundreds of working proxies to present them at the competitive market. In other words, these are methods that require a lot of time, effort and constant activity. Another way is a passive method to sell internet bandwidth, and we know how and why to do it using Peer2Profit. There are many reasons.

  1. It’s a permanent income that doesn’t depend on knowledge of high technologies or marketing skills. It takes from three to five minutes to connect a proxy to a personal account and make money sharing your Internet via proxy.
  2. There’s no minimum or maximum limits on the number of proxies you can use in our system.
  3. You can sell bandwidth for money through Peer2Profit, and rent them to the advertisement or SMM needs at the same time.
  4. Money on your personal account accumulates faster with mobile proxies than through a referral network. You make money sharing your Internet as fast as by connecting your own device.
  5. Mobile proxies combine with a referral network perfectly. While using them you don’t affect the size or the speed of your referral network. You still receive commissions from all earnings made by your referral partners at the rate of 50% of money they make with high speed internet. It is so for those who register on our site via your personal hyperlink. And it is still the most generous offer among all ways of making money with high speed internet.

So use proxies any way you want, and develop your referral network the way you want it. That’s how to sell Internet bandwidth and gain maximum profit.

Have a great day and make more money with Peer2Profit!