How to increase your passive income with a proxy


The ability to sell bandwidth for money is a great way to make money with high speed Internet with no investment. It’s based on the monetization of Internet traffic. You sell unused bandwidth of mobile or domestic Internet. These are Gb's you don’t usually use with unlimited Internet tariff but you pay the bills for it. So why not make money on international companies in need of direct traffic for their marketing, research and analytical purposes? We studied the additional opportunities for earning through the Peer2Profit system using proxy servers.

Peer2Profit acts as an intermediary monitoring the security of the connection and the safety of personal data. These are the basic principles of our project. All participants make profit from it, but if you wish, you could get paid more for your bandwidth! There are two main methods to increase passive income.

1st method: the technical one

It is about increasing the number of devices which sell unused bandwidth. You just need to install our app on all available devices. It could be:

• desktop computers running Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems,

• laptops running the same OS,

• modems,

• smartphones and tablets,

• network devices running Raspberry Pi.

An additional option is to integrate the app into self-written software.

The Peer2Profit app should stay online for as long as possible, even at night. It’s the way to sell as much extra bandwidth as possible.

2nd method: the social one

The second way to make additional money selling unused bandwidth is to develop a network of your referents. These are your friends, acquaintances, relatives or blog subscribers. everyone who joins the program of making money with high speed Internet through your personal referral link. After they have installed the Peer2Profit app, you’ll get a percent from bandwidth sold for money through their devices. Without compromising the earnings of your referents. of course!

The main advantage of our platform is the size of affiliate accruals. You get 50% of the income of your referral partners. We’ve already talked in our blog about how to sell extra bandwidth wisely.

3rd method: using a proxy

The third way to get paid more for your bandwidth means a use of proxy servers. A proxy is an intermediary agent between the web pages and your device. A proxy is used to anonymize the connection: such a server replaces the real IP address of your computer or smartphone with its IP. 

You enter the network from one address, and all web sites and search engines "see" another IP which belongs to the proxy. It’s useful for conducting market research, collecting web data, running multiple accounts in social media, or bypassing restrictions connected to your geo location.

The proxy server could be:

• set up by yourself (complicated method requiring technical knowledge),

• taken from free lists on the Internet (unreliable and short-lived method),

• rented from a specialized proxy provider (the most reliable and a popular way).

How to connect a proxy?

Ok, you have access to proxy servers, and now you need to supplement your network of devices with proxies. After that you could make money with high speed Internet more effectively. To do so you should go to the "My Network" section on the Peer2Profit personal page. There are two tabs: “Peers” and “Proxies”.

The first one contains a list of devices running our app. These are "peers'' involved in the monetization of Internet traffic. They are already used to sell bandwidth for money. By clicking the “Proxy” tab you’ll get to the page for connecting a proxy to the passive income system.

There you should specify:

  1. IP address and the proxy port, 
  2. login and password (if needed). 

After that, the data packages passing through the specified proxies will bring you profit. The sum of money you get paid for your bandwidth depends on the demand for traffic in the area the proxy is located. Also type of connection matters for your peers. Your proxies could be run through a mobile operator, a home Internet provider, or through a dedicated channel of a business center.

A detailed guide telling how to add a proxy to your account and sell extra bandwidth through it, is already on our blog