How to increase passive income: TOP 5 books that teach you how to make money


Financial well-being includes active and passive types of income. It’s nice to be able to convert your hobby to money-making activity. E.g. sell bandwidth for money as a common Internet user. Making money sharing your Internet is a source of small but stable passive. No investment or paying effort needed to get some cash. But it’s always possible and is welcomed to increase income. All you should do is tell friends, subscribers and relatives how to sell Internet bandwidth.

The basic skill here is self-confidence and the ability to plan a budget. We have already told the rules of a thought-out financial plan. Today we’ll talk about books that can make you buckle down and comprehend the philosophy of earning. Or they help to rethink the accumulated experience of making money.

1. “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, by Robert Kiyosaki

It’s a proven classic of financial literature. Kiyosaki tells the story of two households, where fathers have opposing views on financial success. The book proves with examples that working hard is not enough. You need to treat the money you make wisely. It’s a 50% practical textbook, and 50% motivating guide, which sets the reader to care about the future if not yet, and get paid for your bandwidth at least.

Kiyosaki’s bestseller can’t force you to take up the study of accounting or learning law. Although it speaks of the value of such knowledge. More importantly, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” convinces people of the importance of passive income. A man earning a passive income means a man who made his money working for you, but not vice versa. So a way to make money sharing your Internet is a great opportunity. Everyone can join, even high school students.

2. “Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole”, by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche

Tiffany is known as a mastermind of the “Dream Catchers” movement, an educational program for women. “Get Good with Money” is the book revealing the main principles of this movement.

The book suits people with different financial backgrounds, not only women. Every chapter is a percentage of “Becoming Financially Whole”, but it comes down to one thing. It’s the importance of budgeting, and getting paid (e.g. for your bandwidth). It is much more than speculation on the stock market. 

Investments are designed to protect and increase savings without the risk of losing them. Therefore, it is better to focus on active and passive earnings. We offer to make money sharing your Internet.

You may also get the financial ideas of Miss “the Budgetnista” through her free podcasts. 

3. “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill launched his career as a reporter of a local newspaper. He interviewed 500 of the most influential people in finance. Such notes formed the basis of the book “The Law of Success”. And “Think and Grow Rich” is its summary. Published a century ago, it’s still valid. Hill’s “manual” contains 13 steps which guide a reader through different areas of life, not only money-making. 

The two steps in Hill's book called "Imagination" and "Power of the Mastermind" are useful for those seeking how to sell Internet bandwidth. These steps describe a strong will needed for creating a wide referral network through a personal link.

4. “The Warren Buffett Way”, by Robert G. Hegstrom 

The life of famous investor Warren Buffett is interesting not because he is one of the richest people on Earth. The point is that Buffett made his first billion not by creating things, but by investing in other people's ideas.

Buffett's biography teaches readers to avoid high risks. Skyrocketing stocks can easily depreciate, as Bitcoin did this year. So life itself confirms the correctness of Warren Buffett’s views. 

Selling bandwidth for money is a proper source of passive income according to “The Warren Buffett Way” principles. It is stable and needs no investment. The path to financial well-being is made up of such little things. Stay cool along the way, and better make sure that your partners are as reliable as Peer2Profit.

5. "The Richest Man in Babylon", by George S. Clason 

Sir George S. Clason is known as a publisher of the first road maps in the US and Canada. Later he got acquainted with the financial system of ancient Babylon, and a story of a poor scribe made his way to the top. Clason realized that the rules for dealing with money from the distant past are still valid for a modern society. 

He has retold the ancient wisdom, and that’s how the book "The Richest Man in Babylon" was born. We came up with the idea to sell bandwidth for money the similar way. Get paid for your unused bandwidth, and get a reward for this, like getting rid of unnecessary stuff during a yard sale.

The book is written in a plain language. That’s the reason we truly recommend it to readers of any age seeking financial literacy. And in our blog you can learn how to sell Internet bandwidth.